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Castor oil???

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    Slippery Dude, please keep us updated on the castor oil treatment. I can remember about 5 years ago getting cyclosporin from Leiter's Drug Store. Wouldn't this be great if you're on to something?
    Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

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      I am trying to keep my eyes healthy and refreshed I am wondering if doing something like
      - Castor Oil
      - Hyaluronic Acid
      - NAC/Carnosine

      would be good to keep eyes healthy, strong and main of all lubricated to avoid dryness.



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        Hi Kyle -- may I make a suggestion that may be somewhat contrary to your doctor and other conversation participants? I too was struggling for a long time with lots of different OTC ointments/drops and medications. I bombarded my poor eyes based on doctor recommendations to do so with many different things. I was at my wits' end because my eyes were not getting better they felt worse. :/ I decided to take things into my own hands vs. doctors and did my own research -- happened upon this site and learned a lot!

        I learned that sometimes "less is more" -- too many things being put into your eyes too often doesn't give your eyes a chance to heal themselves. So what I tried was a period of trial-and-error -- one thing at a time to see how my eyes felt. I paid attention to ingredients too -- and found that some ingredients harmed vs. helped.

        Everyone is different -- but here is where I've landed what works for me -- B&L Soothe drops: when I wake up when my eyes feel driest, during the day (usually 2-3 times/per day)

        Avenova in morning

        Sleep -- saran wrap made into a bandana -- helps keep my eyes moist and eyelids closed -- also protects from air. I then use a regular bandana over to hold it in place. I use a couple drops of Soothe before I put the bandanas on.

        I wish you the best with your eyes -- it's hard.....