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PG? HA? CMC? Guar? any charts available?

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  • PG? HA? CMC? Guar? any charts available?

    Hi, all.

    Just wondering if there's any somewhat professional chart indicating, by degree, the effectiveness of all these.

    Because it's confusing that I've come across conflicting studies online.

    For example, on one site, there was a claim that:
    polyethylene glycol 400 .25% and sodium hyaluronate
    are more effective than:
    carboxymethylcellulose sodium .5% and HP Guar .18%

    and yet another site stating a 2004 study re:

    eye drops with PEG/PG and HP-guar being more effective than sodium hyaluronate.

    As a footnote, I wanted to add that there's many many things over the years where I've come to realize that I need to follow my body's dictates rather than "official hype". Only one example, is that coffee/caffeine be avoided like the plague, since it's dehydrating, bad for heart, interferes w/sleep, gives jitters, you name it. It's only these past months that I've discovered that coffee is curative not only to diabetics, Alzheimers & parkinsons, but also to me!

    For decades i needlessly suffered sleeplessness due to severe headaches DUE TO CAFFEINE AVOIDANCE. Then i asserted my common sense AGAINST THE OFFICIAL TIDE OF DOCTORS' ADVICES. I told myself, hey, computer symptoms mimick alcohol hangover symptoms to a "T". So why not try coffee & aspirin (combined with sweetener as humectant restorative). BINGO. This greatly provided relief. It also (counter to common "logic") seems to actually help my eyes to quite a degree, even IF it's supposedly a dehydrator.

    Here's why: Because it acts as anti-inflammatory. So my eyes actually become LESS dehydrated due to the anti-inflamatoriness of coffee! I'm curious what others experience with coffee Versus computerEyeSyndrome

    I'd especially love to hear from Neil Brooks on this, since when browsing various posts, I seem to remember his posts as somewhat compatible with my experiences. Then again, due to my "computer allergy" my thinking processes get affected & stressed when on computer, and so I probably haven't browsed the dryeyezone posts thoroughly enough to keep track of other posters who also were compatible. If i could only conjure a magic genie, I'd order him to set me up with a projector for computer viewing, the way others on my site's forum got relief.
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