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Gel to sleep in with no preservatives?

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  • Gel to sleep in with no preservatives?

    Hi all,

    Quick question for the group: I was reading posts directed to Dr. L. and someone asked if using drops/gels with disappearing preservatives were okay. Basically Dr. L. responded to use them infrequently and that is ok.

    Does anyone know of a gel to sleep in every night that does not contain a preservative? I sleep with genteal but I am wondering if there is a gel with no preservatives that may be better?

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    Theratears do a preservative free gel:

    A thicker version of preservative-free TheraTears. TheraTears Liquid Gel works as a “liquid bandage” yet does not cause the blurring and crusting seen with thicker products. If you have severe dry eye, and have irritation throughout the day, use saturation dosing with preservative-free TheraTears four times a day, and follow each episode of saturation dosing with a single-drop of liquid gel to provide a liquid bandage until the time for next saturation dose. TheraTears Liquid Gel is also great for nighttime use.

    I don't use it myself because I didn't find the `regular' stuff to be helpful. I might give these another go - having read what Dr L said about disappearing preservatives.


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      I use Celluvisc single vials at night. They feel quite similar to TheraTears liquid gel.



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        I find the thicker Thera Tears thick liquid product makes my eyes feel dryer. Everyone is different so give them a try, you might like them.
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          I started using the Genteal Gel at night, seems to work pretty well. Says it is preservative free in the eye but right now it's the only one that keeps my eyes in a "normal" condition when I wake up, so I will continue to use it.