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Genteal Gel hurt like hell

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  • Genteal Gel hurt like hell

    I'm still taking Dwelle, along with BioTears, but I read that some people had good results with taking Dwelle in conjunction with Genteal, especially since it helped them sleeping at night. So I said, hey why not, imma give this a try.

    I deeply regretted this choice. At first I had a nice sensation of freshness, but then my upper eyelids started to feel REALLY heavy, and they kept getting increasingly sore. It was really a ***** to sit through this and I barely slept all night. I woke up after less than 2 hours of sleep, to my eyelids being among the sorest they've ever been. Even putting my head on my pillow hurt my lids like hell, simply because of the pressure.

    When I took my morning dose of BioTears, I really felt a soothing sensation, and now I've just put some Dwelle in, and although my lids still feel pretty heavy and sore, it seemed to have helped.

    Phfew! My lids seem to really despise gel-based products. Never again.

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    You should throw the GenTeal out it sounds like. I don't know if I've ever heard of such a reaction to GenTeal, but everyone is allergic to something.
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      Maybe because you mixed the genteal gel with other products you use during the day?!

      I agree, don't use this again, you are probably allergic to something in it.

      But I hope "newbies" won't be totally scared from using this product (Genteal Gel) because it's the only product that has worked well for me for sleeping and keeping my eyes moist. And I've been at this 3+ years. I love the stuff.

      But definitely not for you!!!


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        I can't use Genteal Gel because it contains a form of methylcellulose. I am allergic to anything containing any form of that. In genteal gel it is called Hypromellose

        I had a similar reaction to the gel as you had.
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          Originally posted by magoo View Post
          I can't use Genteal Gel because it contains a form of methylcellulose. I am allergic to anything containing any form of that. In genteal gel it is called Hypromellose

          I had a similar reaction to the gel as you had.
          Ha-ha, there is the sneaky little culprit. Yes, I reacted badly to a lot of OTC tears. According to this list, many share the same preservative. I remember I did a similar reaction to Thera Tears, which began to hurt an awful lot on the second day, and it looks like it contains a similar preservative. I guess that in gel form, since it's so sticky then the effect is maximized.

          In comparison, although Dwelle feels heavy, it feels like an heavenly touch.

          Well you never know if something works for you until you try. Next up for me will me moisturizing goggles. I just ordered Tranquileyes goggles from the shop, along with Onion goggles to see if it will allow me to watch TV with a bit less strain.


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            Actually, Hypromellose (or methylcellulose) is not a preservative. It is used as a component in many artificial tear drops and gels. I don't really know just what it does, just that it isn't a preservative.
            Guess it really doesn't matter if one can't tolerate it


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              maybe you should be careful of Lacriserts too since genteal caused so much pain.
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                I also found that Genteal Gel stung and ended up washing it out after 20min. The Gel initially felt soothing, but then began to burn. Not sure why, but I never used it again.
                Methylcellulose is a polymer used to thicken a solution (like artificial tears) I believe.


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                  genteal gel stung for me too

                  hey Guys, I noticed that Genteal Gel Stung for me too.

                  But I noticed that It only stings when you put it in after you have taken other eye drops.

                  I believe there is something in it that causes irritation when it mixes with other eye drops.

                  If you wash out your eye with eyewash and let it dry a little before you put the genteal Gel in I have found that it doesn't cause this reaction.

                  I was using it for a few nights and it Did help keep the moisture in my eyes, but it would dry out halfway through the night.

                  Genteal Gel is probably best used with moisture chamber goggles in my opinion.

                  I have now thrown out the Genteal Gel for Refresh PM, Its more messy and keep the eyes lubricated all through the night, it dont dry out because its oil...but I dont think its as moisturizing as Genteal Gel.

                  It leaves a lot of goo on your eyelids in the morning which has to be washed off...But i notice it reduced the inflammation.

                  Genteal Gel however when used as a night time gel dries out halfway through the night...Plus in the morning it forms crusts on the eyelashes.

                  Well I hope that helps...Check and see if refresh pm works for you its preservative free.


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                    I was using Genteal Gel and it was helping initially. It felt soothing when I put it in, and more helpful than the Refresh PM had been.

                    Just last night when I put it in, it felt like I had poured acid in my eyes. Never a problem before. Thursday night it felt great, Friday night it burned like mad. There's no way I can put it in my eyes again.

                    Fortunately, I got my first bottle of Dwelle in the mail today, and am hoping for good results (timing is everything). Actually, I put Dwelle in for the first time a couple of hours ago. No burning. I waited for it, confident that in a few minutes my eyes would burn like they always do. But it's been nearly 2 hours, and so far so good. In dry-eye-land, two hours is nearly an eternity.