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Less "thick" artificial tear?

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  • Less "thick" artificial tear?

    I have been using Systane PF drops for awhile. I have some problems with mucous strings and I'm thinking these drops, although the feel very good at first, being thick and slick, they seem to add to the "goo" in my eyes.

    I hate to buy a lot of different drops just to try, they are expensive! If any of you use or know of a "thinner" drop, would you let me know the brand please?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Are they a "liquigel" drop? I know refresh drops come in liquid as well as liquigel drops.
    *I just would like to add the disclaimer that I do not suffer from dry eye myself; my service dog does. I want to stay up on treatments, and offer support to others!


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      No, not a liquigel. It very viscous, though
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        You might like TheraTears, in the vials. You might also like a prescription drop called FreshKote. It's crazy that it is a prescription, probably so they can charge you an arm and a leg for it. I really like it though, it lasts a long time in the eye.
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          I like TheraTears and that is one of my "standard" drops. Lucy
          I find it is very light and "thin".
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            Thank you, Kitty and Lucy. I'll get some Theratears a try.