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Refresh Endura seems to be making a tremendous difference

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  • Refresh Endura seems to be making a tremendous difference

    I had heard that the drops had castor oil, which had huge anti-inflammatory properties. Not only that but I read that since the drops were very oily, if they seemed to make a huge difference then it was probably because someone's dry eye problem was linked to the meibomian glands, and thus a deficient secretion of oil. I read that it was discontinued in the US, but here in Canada it seems to be available just about everywhere. Perhaps because Restasis isn't distributed here, and Endura is basically the same thing but without the cyclosporine?

    I put them on yesterday evening and I couldn't believe the difference, I was in awe. I could look stretch my eyes in every corner and I would only feel very minimal strain. Not only that but the oily sensation was sort of a revelation to me, it felt like something which was missing from my eyes for months had finally come back.

    After a few hours it started to burn ever so slightly, but remained very very minimal. I suppose it's a normal reaction to the castor oil.

    In my inner eyelids what seems to hurt the most are the blood vessels and that didn't get me all that much relief in this regard, but I suppose that the state of the vessels is simply a side effect to my meibomian glands not secreting enough oil.

    Now that about 16 hours have passed those vessels seem to be a bit sore and they feel very rigid, but nonetheless it doesn't really hurt.

    I am immensely encouraged by all of this!

    I have read in a few older threads that according to a study, castor oil was found to elicit undesirable side effects in some persons because of possible toxicity, but as long as I don't put too much of them in there shouldn't be any problem right? Or then I guess I could try another brand of oil-based drops in the future.

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    RE: refresh endura and restasis

    A few years ago (2004 or 2005 maybe?), my ophthalmologist told me that there was a trial comparing refresh endura and restasis (knowing that refresh endura is the vehicle for cyclosporine making up restasis).

    He said the trial results showed that refresh endura worked as well as restasis.

    I don't know if there was any follow-up studies or even if what he said was true (I took his word for it... he's a reputable ophthalmologist).

    I'm happy you found a drop that gives you such relief. I have my favorite (artelac) and I don't mess with what works for me!!!



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      Hmmm maybe I rejoiced a bit too quickly. I went out and discovered that it seems to make me a lot more sensitive to wind and conditioned air, which I had always withstood fairly well so far. Not only that but in the last 5-6 hours it started to burn more, and my eyes got pretty bad especially in the corners of my upper inner eyelids as always. It might be the effect of the oily component completely going away, or the blood vessels getting too sore.

      I've put some warm compresses and it seemed to make my lids a bit better.

      I'm not sure if I'll use them anymore. Still I think that I'm on the right track. I'll probably stick to dwelle since although it doesn't have any oil in it. If I indeed have MDG something like Doxycycline would perhaps work better, and I wouldn't have to put stuff in my eyes. I'm seeing an optometrist on Monday.
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        Can i ask where you got refresh endura from? I think they've been discontinued in the uk much to my disappointment


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          Refresh Endura is now called Refresh Dry eye therapy on the westcoast.

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            In Canada it's still sold and marketed as Refresh Endura with the original formula, and it's available everywhere.