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  • Lacrisert?

    I'm surprised I found no threads about lacrisert?

    Has anyone tried it yet? Looks interesting.

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    There are quite a few people here who have tried or who currently use Lacrisert. We've had a couple of chat sessions about it with an OD who prescribes it. You might try searching on 'lacriserts' to pick up more threads. Hasn't been a great deal of discussion but then it's not a very widely prescribed product.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      I slept with a Lacrisert in my really dry eye last night and woke this morning with the goo from it which was relief from the dryness i wake up to every morning in though i take Evoxac during the night and use Genteal oinment.
      B/c they are so expensive I only use them when my eyes are really burning.
      My right eye is my worst.


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        I tried Lacrisert and found that I had to remove what remained after about an hour. They irritated my eyes. Then I thought I would try them at night, since my eyes really dry out at night. That was a mistake for me. Because I don't have much for tears, they didn't swell up like they should and they stayed hard in my eyes. I use Pilocarpine. I think that helps a little.


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          I like Lacriserts

          I like Lacriserts, but i don't use them every day. For one, I can't afford to use them every day with my insurance. But I do like them and they usually help quite a bit. Some people sleep with them, but that didn't work for me. I found that irritating. I had no problem putting them in the first time, but I didn't use the applicator. I just wet my finger and stuck it in my lid with no problem.