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  • Dwelle questions

    I think this is the right thread, but I wanted to know two things.

    I ordered a bottle of Dwelle, and I got the one that's not "Night" even though I ordered from this page:

    The drops feel like any other drops - that is, they don't feel thicker or leave residue on my eyes, although I do get rid of excess fluid after the drop.

    Also my question was - what is the main difference between Dwelle (why is Dwelle so much more effective for most people) and other lubricating drops like Refresh/Optive/Systane/etc?

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    I moved this from the end of an old thread as we discourage posting in the archives and reviving threads more than a year old. Sorry for any confusion about the labelling. I have not posted a new picture in the shop since the product acquired Focus' Labs label. Exact same product though, made in the same place, just a redesigned label. The "Night & Day" labeling is from back when I used to get both Dakrina (sigh) and Dwelle made.

    I'm on my way out the door so I can't address the other questions now but I'll try to in a day or so if someone else doesn't chime in.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      Ahh, ok, thanks.

      And sorry about posting in an old thread, I got to it from a previous search, so I forgot to check the dates on there.

      I did notice that my eyes feel much more comfortable after a drop in each. Though that may just be new eye drop placebo...


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        Ok so it looks as if Dwelle is really helping me! I don't feel the dry eye sting anymore! And I'm not relying on a lot of water anymore! This is only my third day.

        Looks like this is what was promised. I wonder what the differences are between this and other eye drops and why it helps so much more. Does it have to do with oncotic pressure?


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          Dr. Holly's drops improve the eye surface wettability, or something to this effect.

          After 5 months of use it's not curing me but it's definitely the best drop I've used.


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            Love Dwelle

            I love Dwelle because my eyes don't close completely while sleeping. When I use Dwelle it sticks my eyelashes together, sealing my eyes shut. A quick splash of water in the morning and I'm good to go. I'm not kidding, I really love it more than using a mask!


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              Could someone direct me to a thread specifically about Dwelle? I wanna read what else people have said about it without asking questions which were already answered here.

              Anyway, it's interesting. Seems that Dwelle is kinda sticky when it dries out. I guess that's how it holds the tears (and repairs the corneal tissue?).


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                Hi, synes89.

                Below are some threads that discuss Dwelle (there are dozens of them floating around here), and one of these first ones is a description of how Dr. Holly, who invented Dwelle, considers tear film and how its stability is something that is kept with Dwelle and not with other kinds of eye drops.

                I hope this helps,









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                  Thank you so much! Will be looking through it. I'm quite sporadic on this forum, so I don't do a lot of digging.