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Genteal Gel reaction

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  • Genteal Gel reaction

    Anyone else ever have a bad reaction to Genteal Gel? I've tried using this at night a few times but it always makes my eyes worse the next day. I was so uncomfortable yesterday after spending a couple of hours in an air-conditioned car that I decided to try it again before bed. Today my eyes feel like they are on fire. I guess this product isn't for me. Very fustrating.

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    JJ, I also have a bad reaction to it. In my case I believe it's due to a sensitivity to hypromellose that it contains. Feels good at first, then I have the same reaction you had.


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      Think i react badly aswel! My eyes are redder the next day


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        Yes, I had a virulent reaction to it as well. It hurt soooo bad, I was scared. Threw the bottle in the trash can the next day. What garbage.


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          Gel products are more viscous(thicker). This theoretically keeps it on the eye longer. Unfortunately it also creates resistance to the lids with each blink. So already irritated and inflamed lids just get further irritated and inflamed. This could be the source of the additional pain felt from using theses products.