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  • Lacriserts Canada

    Any canadians here that have tried lacriserts know if you can get them covered under health insurance benefits?

    I want to give them a try but $200 for a months supply of melting rice is ridiculous.

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    alright so i've found out that they are not covered by insurance in canada.

    does anyone know where to buy them online a decent price?


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      I'd be very careful buying online.

      A few thoughts to consider:

      1) In many cases, meds are cheaper in Canada than the U.S.

      2) If it's significantly cheaper after you pay shipping, you have to ask yourself WHY it is so much cheaper... it a counterfeit product (these can be very convincing, and look pretty much exactly like the original)

      ... or maybe you aren't getting the product from the county you think you are... they may SAY you are getting the product from a country who's drug regulation procedures you trust, but in fact, will ship you (without your knowledge) a product made in in a country with less stringent quality standards... you'll never know because the packaging etc. can look almost exactly like the real thing.

      Just be careful if you purchase on-line. There have been articles in the newspaper about local internet pharmacies operating right here where I live who were found guilty of doing all of the above... you'd think because they are located here in Canada with tight regulations that wouldn't happen, but it can.

      Not saying all internet-based suppliers are bad, but it's just scary because it can be so tough to tell which ones are good, and which ones are shady.
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