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Drops for ultra sensitive eyes?

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  • Drops for ultra sensitive eyes?

    I'm relatively new to dry eye, but have it quite severely - I have to wear MEGs /goggles almost 24/7 to be able to do anything at all and am not working right now.

    Dry eye issues aside, my eyelids - both upper and lower are more or less okay in the morning but become progressively redder and sorer throughout the day. I'm beginning to think that my eyedrops drops may be the problem or at least a contributing factor.

    So far I have tried hylo-forte and clinitas ultra 3. They both are okay - not great but okay for my dry eyes - but am wondering what to try next that might not irritate my lids as much.

    For all of you with very sensitive eyes or allergies, which drops have you found to be the most useful and least irritating?

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    I wish I could recommend something but I can't. I have the same problem; very sensitive eyes that (might) be able to tolerate something short term but then starts acting up.

    I'm still experimenting with this after years of severe dry eye. At the minute, I'm using a little bit of Oasis Plus throughout the day in addition to autologous serum. The Oasis drops feel very `gloopy' and not particularly comfortable at first but my eyes gradually gets used to them. (Oasis bought via Dry Eye Zone shop).

    In my particular case, the consultant has advised me to also use a low dose preservative free steroid because I can't get the inflammation under control.

    With any drop, I have to clean the lids because the build up of residue causes soreness.

    Sorry that I couldn't be more positive but I think it's trial and error. Good companies to deal with are:


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      I'm also very photosensitive, and also have very-affected eyelids as I mentioned in another post. Smearing Eucerin-Original may help toward protection. I smear it when I remember to. Plenty of people are suffering this, but unfortunately that fact isn't so publicized, otherwise for sure the eye cream producers would have gotten cracking by now, don't you think?

      I wouldn't be surprised if your eyelid problems are not from eyedrops as much as from the computer monitor sensitizing them. That's been the case with me. Computer monitors cause TERRIBLE multiple symptoms.

      I never had MEGs but considering Kaiman swim goggles. Didn't get around to it yet, too much to do.

      Re: My most preferred drops:

      Thus far, I've tried alot of stuff, and by far, Similisan for Dry Eyes has been the best for me.
      I've only used non-prescription, though, since I'm uninsured.

      Refresh Plus - for sensitive eyes is also OK, also consider Celluvisc for night time (since it's thicker viscosity).

      Systane preservative free - is probably also very good (since I've used the regular systane thus far, and even that has been pretty OK). Other patients love Systane, and maybe look into Ultra as well.

      When I get around to it, I hope to post more re: the list of eyedrops I've tried and liked/or/disliked.

      I also find that coffee plus ibuprofen (and sweetener) has mitigated inflammation But (ESPECIALLY WHEN COMBINED WITH COMPUTER VIEWING WHICH IN ITSELF CAUSES ME ESOPHAGITIS) tends to cause GERD/esophagitis.
      Since esophagitis is also as intolerable as headaches & eye pain, I may soon try low-acid coffee.

      Meantime, I've been compromising by taking a TINY BIT of folgers instant coffee together with molasses (since it's alkaline) and milk and ibuprofen. A better choice might be soy milk (that's quite alkaline) in combo with coffee, or low acid coffee. Note that the darker the roast the less irritating coffee actually is, contrary to popular misconceptions.
      BTW, Great Value brand as well as Clasico, as well as ShopRite brand are pretty good too.
      also dunkin donuts DARK roast, so i hear...

      P.S. Note that Dwelle burns my eyes, so I personally wouldn't get that anymore. Others' experiences are different.
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        I'm not familiar with the ones you have mentioned but the best for very sensitive eyes are preserative-free drops which come in single use vials. Lots of brands available. ie-Refresh, Systane, Bion Tears, Thera Tears, etc.
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          thanks for the suggestions

          Thanks for the ideas.

          Everything I put in my eyes is preservative free but am still getting red/sore upper and lower lids as the day progresses.

          I limit computer use (10-15 mins on, wearing goggles of course, and then at least an hour or two off), I don't read and if I watch tv at all, it is just an hour or so in the evening if my eyes are feeling particularly good that day.

          I will try Ibuprofen and coffee before computer use and work my way through some of the different drops mentioned.

          I really appreciate the suggestions and to know that there are LOTS of other people out there going through the same frustrations on a daily basis.


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            Maybe you should consider Blink Tears? it does contain H.A. even IF it's low molecular weight.
            I've just today started experimnting by smearing a droplet from the Blink-Contacts bottle all over each eye lid.
            Thus far, it doesn't feel bad.
            Hey, maybe it's even better than Eucerin, but time will tell.

            PLEASE avoid drinking straight coffee, rather diluted with other stuff or else low acid-coffee (using logic vis-a-vis your body, the way i stated above at the blue/purple color-coded text). Otherwise there can be side effects! You do NOT want heart palps nor GERD, and especially not esophagitis..

            also in case sore-throat/GERD do develop, I find that "cheesy" pizza, or cheese/bread help.
            Yes, yes, I know it's pure junk food, but unfortunately, i've found that to be the best "smooth salve" antidote.
            Maybe hot oatmeal too, not sure.

            Or else, to quote others, try apple cider vinegar or baking soda, which are more conventional antidotes for GERD.

            also on my to-do list, are researching/shopping for:

            Hyaluronic Acid suplement - (baxyl? hydraplenish? other? unresolved yet..
            ...HA is supposed to be excellent according to many reviews

            humidifier (which? desktop? ultrasonic? cool mist? other?
            (in combo with a humidifier, I was hoping to add diluted food-grade H2O2 to breathe in, but I don't know if all humdifiers lend themselves to such an additive.
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