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  • Which eye drop to choose?

    Hey everyone,

    I know there are so many brands to choose from and most eye doctors when I asked what eye drop should I use...They explained to me...Well which ever one you think works best.

    They told me to try them. Well This wasn't a very good answer in my opinion.
    So I tried a few and done some research to figure out which ones would be the best for my condition. Which is Blepharitis and MGD

    I realized that most of the eye drops I ran into on the local pharmacy shelves were ALL water based Lubricants. Thus you need to tear up to keep them working.

    Since I had blepharitis, I had a lack of tear production and oil production thus my eyes and eye drops would dry out easily.

    So I tried the only emulsion (Oil and Water) based lubricant eye drop out there right now, which doesn't dry out as easily. Bousch and Lomb soothe XP...It worked pretty good, but after reading the label, It had preservatives in it...This wasn't going to agree with my eyes for very long. So I tried it, it seemed to work for a while, but after the preservative set made my eyes not too happy.

    I see that All or most eye drops on the market have water based lubricants in them...they are sort of like using KY jelly for lubricating your eyes. If you don't have any water present, the lubricant drys out quickly.

    I Hope and pray that Soon they will come out with more emulsion based eye drops that are Preservative free. From researching how our eyes naturally lubricate our eyes, it is from an emulsion. The meibomian glands secrete oil that mixes with the tears from the Lacrimal glands to lubricate your eyes naturally. SO! It just made since to me that the best eye drop for dry eye would be emulsion based(oil and water.) I have no clue why the eye drop companies haven't developed many eye drops such as this.
    I believe they might work better than the KY like jelly that is in all the ones out there currently, it seems dries out quickly causing people to have to use more eye drops.

    So in trying to find another emulsion based eye drop that is preservative free...Does anyone know of any that is in development or something I have missed?

    The only one I could other think of was restasis...Any suggestions if that would work better for me?

    Or any other emulsion eye drops out there that I have missed?