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Results of various eyedrops tried (I'm photo-neuropathic)

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  • Results of various eyedrops tried (I'm photo-neuropathic)

    First, some background:

    I'm female, close to 50 years of age, with lifetime of fibromyalgia (autoimmune neuropathic conditions & tendency to inflammations of mucuous membranes, nerves and muscles - all extremely painful, and bodywide). According to "nutrienergetics" my visual-acuity reading was "high" (whatever that means). I've always been photosensitive since childhood (a/k/a photophobia). Maybe it's also called "corneal neuropathy".

    The modern world, with all its bright fluorescents & incandescents, toxins, forced-air heat, and freezing air conditioning, only worsened my situation over the years. BUT THE WORST VILLAIN THAT UTTERLY SENSITIZED ME was fluorescent computer monitors. (Note: I've been told by several experiencers, that LED screens are even worse. Also note that many newer monitors are riddled with NON-OUTGASSED EPOXIES & CHEMICALS which, together with the lumenescent EMF's of computer monitors, create a negatively volatile atmosphere.

    So at this point, I'm considering multi-pronged solutions, including rigging up a projector to substitute as "computer monitor". Maybe the LG HS-201 or maybe the RadioShack Pico. Also considering a humidifier & Kaiman goggles as moisture chambers. Also considering low-acid coffee to drink with milk and ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory. (I've already bought expensive Baxyl which is high molecular, liquid, sodium hyaluronate and also bought Manuka honey, but time will tell whether they help at all).

    Now, here's the list of eyedrops I've tried, and my comments regarding them:

    Similisan Dry Eye - this has been the best of anything else I've tried thus far, causing practically no ill effects, but its soothing effect doesn't last as long as I'd have wanted. Also, I hate the applicator. It's wasteful due to drops dripping out prior to successfully getting a single drop to land correctly. Not to mention it's overpriced. Other Similisans proved useless to me.

    Blink Contacts - only tried a few times, but I think I like it even if its hyaluronate is low molecular. Time will tell after more usage. I did not yet try Blink Tears

    Systane (with preservatives) - sorta OK, but occasional rebound of tiredness & dryness of eyes.
    I did not yet try the Systane Ultra, but it sounds promising.

    Refresh Plus - preservative free - Sorta pleasant, though does not last long, and is replaced with dry feeling after awhile. As for Celluvisc (a thicker form of Refresh), that's slated to try at future date.

    Theratears - preservative free - Causes my eyes to feel tired & heavy. After while, dryness sets in. Would not buy again. Is it the CMC? Someone else on DryZone mentioned she can't tolerate CMC - so hey, who knows... maybe I'm the same.

    Genteal Gel - this was too cold & heavy for my taste. Also found it difficult to apply.

    Soothe XP (purple box) - ouch - this was irritating! Did not yet try the Preservative Free Soothe - that's in my future plans

    Visine for dry eyes - would have been top of list IF NOT for some ingredient/s (maybe BAK? maybe sodium citrate?) which caused me irritation after awhile. I know I'm allergic to citrate and sodium-citrate, for example, Citracal & sodium-citrate in ice creams.

    PrimaVu homeopathic - After using the Acuta, I developed a floater, and I suspect the Acuta, even if I can't be sure. Note that it contains witch hazel which is an irritant. The Prima Vu Herbal also caused me burning after awhile.

    Dwelle - burned my eyes upon application. Even assuming it moistens my eyes, I'd not buy it again.

    Manuka honey - this is **controversial** (for good reason, as I've discovered). Some people on DryZone found that honey (not necessarily raw/or/manuka) helped them. So I went & splurged on a $20 12-oz. jar of Active 15+ organic New Zealand "healing honey" marketed by Synergy in Utah. First, I mixed 1 tsp. pure distilled water with 1 tsp. manuka honey & applied via dropper to each eye. Did that burn! (Then again, Dwelle did too). Unlike Dwelle, though, the next day my eyes were gritty & dry. My lids were stiff & tired. I then tried adding 3 more tsp. of water to that mixture, in order to achieve a ratio of 20% manuka, to 80% distilled-water. Well, guess what? That burned as well, with similar results. I then tried it on an inflamed zit which has been refusing to heal. Result: Zit remains intact, inflamed & sensitive as ever. So I'm left with this fancy jar of medicinal tasting Manuka, that's as ughy to me as apple cider vinegar, Pau D'Arco, Neem, H2O2, Colloidal Silver, and other such "miraculous" stuff popularized by web chat.
    UPDATE: I'm finding that if I mix the manuka honey with chicory tea, and/or on whole wheat crackers taken with tea, it then becomes tolerable. As for the "health effects" so strongly touted? Well, I'm as strongly skeptical as it's strongly touted, but as I said before, time will tell.

    Avocado butter for eyelids - Whereas I'd been previously applying Eucerin to my eyelids to soothe them, I'm finding avocado butter more pleasant, at least for now. Neither of them actually cure my eyelids though. Elsewhere on DryZone I'd mentioned smearing Blink-Contacts, since it contains hyoluronate. But after awhile I found it having a bit of a sting to it, as opposed to BAXYL (pricey) which I tried just now, and which is very pleasant. Wondering if anyone with dry/red lids has tried pure lanolin? Since I'm considering trying it for lids.

    Pascalite clay - The Wyoming Pascalite site had a testimonial stating that someone's cataract was healed by distilled water filtered through pascalite clay. So occasionally I've been applying that via a dropper bottle, with the result that it sorta clears filminess on my eyes, BUT it also dries out my eyes. So I consider it to be somewhat like "paint primer", albeit the pascalite water acts as "primer for the eyes" preparatory to "painting the eyes with thicker/stickier eyedrops". Does this mean I recommend Pascalite? Not necessarily. Rather, just stating my personal experience.
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    Since I wasn't enable to edit the 1st post in this thread, here's an update:

    First of all, I should emphasize that while Dwelle can burn photosensitives initially, I guess it is a good moisturizer.

    Now, I'll add to the above listing:

    Refresh Dry Eye therapy - While initially soothing, after awhile its heaviness "puckered" sometimes tires my eyelid muscles, the way Theratears does. But at other times it's sorta OK. It's not my favorite, though.

    High molecular weight sodium hyaluronate (Baxyl) - I swished 2 dabs of this into a few drops distilled water, so that it only covered the bottom of a one-oz. dropper bottle. When applied w/dropper, it burned like manuka did, and it did not even moisten my eyes, rather was sticky & wound up irritating.
    BUT when applied immediately after Systane or Similisan, I believe it optimized them. It's not worth the bother, though.
    So what did I find Baxyl best for? It definitely made my dry palm feel marvelously "humid" (silkily clammy)
    Though I went through most of the bottle, I'm still waiting to feel improvement in my stiff/painful knuckles & knees. It's like my body doesn't heal...

    Egg whites for eyelids - I'm thinking a good mixture to make for eyelids would be egg whites and avocado butter. After all, hyaluronic acid has a consistency quite like egg whites, and the latter are good for burns. I already tried both egg whites & avocado butter. Found them both good. So together, they'd be a great homemade concoction for dry/itchy lids.
    JUST BE SURE to keep the avocado butter in fridge. I keep mine in fridge-door compartment.
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