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how often do you use artificial tears

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  • how often do you use artificial tears

    hi all
    i have extremely dry eyes (even with 4 plugs still totally dry) and sometimes i use tears every 5 to 10 minutes.
    i was curious if others have that same degree of dryness and how often most people use tears.

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    I used artificial tears a lot at first, but then I found using them too much is counter productive. Now I use around 3 to 4 vials per day. I use one vial in the morning when I wake up, one after I get out of the shower, and then I go most of the day without using any and allow my tear film to stabilize. Then at night I will use one more around dinner time. I hope this helps.


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      How often I use tears

      I use artificial tears about once an hour for LASIK induced dry eye, restasis twice daily, and one plug in the right eye. Because of the frequency, they are preservative free. Are you using preservative free type?


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        I have four plugs with no overflow. I use restasis 3x/day and oasis tears about 3x/day. I try not to use oasis too much because I sometimes feel drier from it. I also think it disrupts my tear film if I use it too often.


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          Im using genteal 3 times a day and night ointment.
          Nothing feels as soothing as genteal to my eyes.tried systane, tears natural tears plus,optive etc.
          Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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            With four plugs and wearing my Wiley X's pretty well all day, I'm using drops every 1-2 hours depending on activity.
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