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Preservative oinments vs. Preservative-free

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  • Preservative oinments vs. Preservative-free

    I have severe dry eyes due to Sjogrens. I am miserable so much of the time.
    Each night I have been I use the thickest oinments I can find thinking they were preservative free b/c of the brand. All through the night my eyes are so dried out and the mornings are even worse.
    Recently I went to the store and bought a new oinment, a different brand but making sure it was PF. I put it in last night and noticed it felt so much better. THrough-out the night my eyes didnt feel dried up. Then, this morning I could actually open my eyes without pain.
    Just wanted to share with others how important it is to not put these preservatives in your eyes.

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    You left out the most important information of the post. What's the name of the ointment so others can try it? Thanks
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      i had been using Genteal Oinment thinking it was PR. I then started using Refresh Lacri Lube thinking it was PF as well b/c Refresh PM is. My eyes were getting so much worse. Even my Corneal Specialists doesnt know what to do and we have tried it all... autologus drops, Sclerals, cautery, plugs......
      I find this new oinment that is called Clear Eyes...PF and says it lasts up to 8 hours.
      So far it is much better than the others. But, along with all these oinments I also take Evoxac even during the night.
      My eyes are still very dry.
      HOpe this helps.


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        Faithfully... i too have sjogrens.. i saw on previous posts you got scleral you still wear them and if so , do you like them?
        i tried several lenses at an optometrist in Louisville (not BFS) and found them to really irritate my eyes so I gave up.. Along with Sjogrens I have severe MGD.. Do you have MGD? i appreciate your response.. maybe i will try them again.....


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          Jenny, I did go to BSF this past July and got the Scleral lenses.
          Yes, they do irritate my eyes and yet at first I so wanted them to work I tried to believe they were working. Now, each evening on the days I wear them I simply cant wait to take them off. They dig in my eyes esp my bad eye....right one. But I do wear them some days and when I just really dont want to wear my glasses. I do notice when I wear the lenses along with the sunglassed I ordered from hear with the foam padding all around it does help.
          i have also noticed that I do better in them when I am also using the Evoxac which helps stimulate the glands to produce moisture. In that I still have a monthly cycle my hormones have a lot of impact on my eyes. I just cant figure out what is causing some days to be sooo much dryer than others?
          My Corneal Specialist wants me to try the hormonal drops. I do too but I have already spent a small fortune on my eyes and just cant see trying these drops unless I know they will work. A compounding pharmacy has to make them. My insurance wont cover them. The autologus serum drops were outrageously expensive and only felt cool when I instilled them. It didnt last.
          I have not found any drops to work in that my eyes are so dry.
          Some days I do use the Lacriserts and they arent too bad but once again this is along with the Restasis.
          I just recently purchased from here the night time goggles but have problems sleeping with them. They do help other than that. I just put them on before bedtime to soothe my eyes.
          When the Sjogens attacked my eyes it went all out.
          I never have been d/xed with MG or is it MD? One doctor seems to think allergies are playing a part with my dry eyes. I am just afraid to take allergy medicine. I did have shots for a few years but I didnt notice any difference with my eyes.
          Tonight I am going to try and sleep with my Lacrisert in. I only use it in my right eye.
          So, unless your insurance pays for the Sclerals they sure are expensive to not truly help those of us with dry eyes due to Sjogrens. Fortunately my insurance paid all of it so I was only out the cost to get up to Boston.
          BTW, I have not had Lasik, thank the Lord! I feel for those who have and it has caused this kind of pain.
          Kind of long post but wanted to help in any way.
          Hope it does.


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            Hi Faithfully,

            Is the Refresh Lacri-Lube you were using the same as Allergan Lacri-Lube? The Allergan one claims to be PF...but it is has a 'use time' of a month and I'm doubtful anything that's really PF would last that long. I still use it at night time when my eyes are really bad. But I'd love to be genuinely sure it's 100% PF. Pity ointments don't come in SDU!

            On a side note; I was diagnosed with DE 5 years ago but the initial opthamologist neglected to mention the problems with preservatives. It was only recently that my new opthamologist sussed that non-PF drops might actually be irritating my eyes more. So I definitely appreciate the value of PF treatments!
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              hey there..thanks faithfully for your candidness.. i appreciate it..
              i think that my eyes are too sensitive for the sclerals.. my lids got so irritated when i tried on the differnent sizes.. i think it must be an individual thing--some people can wear them and they really help and other people just cannot tolerate themm..thank you again. )


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                Check the Lacrilube inactive ingredients list for chlorobutanol (that's the preservative). I am pretty sure I have seen PF Lacrilube. That brand name is used in various countries with some variations of ingredients.

                Also note that many of these ointments have lanolin alcohol which some people have allergies to.
                Rebecca Petris
                The Dry Eye Foundation


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                  Because Refresh PM Oinment is PF I just assumed Refresh Lacrilube was. It is not and that was what was drying my eyes out even more during the night.
                  I now am careful with these night time oinments to use the PF ones. And then, it seems one will work for a while then I have to try another one.
                  The last one is a new one PM is supposed to last up to 8 hours.
                  Hope this helps.