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Systane Balance - revisited

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  • Systane Balance - revisited

    Spent some time with a CL doc I really trust yesterday and he urged me to revisit the new Systane product, Balance. Assures me that the Polyquad preservative is far gentler than BAK and that "you like it more the second month than the first." Have any of you been giving it a few weeks' use, have any feelings?

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    That's a nice report. It was presented to me as an improvement over Soothe for a variety of reasons. What do we know - collectively? - about the Polyquad preservative?


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      Hi Rob,

      I bought this yesterday so that I could bring the box with me to my eye doc apptment this morning and ask him specifically about it. I will be happy to report back what he says about the preservative, as he tends to be pretty cautious about making sure I'm only using PF drops. So I'll let you know what he thinks so you have another opinion.




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        That's thoughtful of you. General consensus has been that docs are a lot less concerned about Polyquad than BAK. I've been using this drop 5-6 times a day for three months now and think it's great as an oil replacement.


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          Now that the heat is on and I'm inside all the time, I'm feeling the need for something besides the Oasis Tears Plus 2x per day that I do. I've got the Balance drops but have only used them at most once per day. I'm thinking of upping that since my eyes get very watery and start to sting during the afternoon. I haven't noticed much improvement from only using it once per day, but maybe more often will yield some results.


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            Any more feedback on this? Is it ONLY for mgd? Or would it work for unstable tear film and AD?


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              I like these drops.

              I have had Lasik induced dry eye syndrome for about 5 years now. I have tried just about every drop on the market since. These new drops are possibly the best I've ever used. I only use these 1-4 times a day and I think they do a good job without any blurring or irritation. Not a miracle cure for dry eye, but still my favorite eyedrop so far.


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                I like it!

                I've been using it, my doc gave me a sample and it seemed to be working and I'm comfortable using them, no burning. So I bought a bottle, so far so good.
                diagnosed with dry eye, blepharitis and also crohn's disease.


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                  Liking the Systane Balance so far

                  Saw my doc today. He thinks I'm allergic to something in FreshKote. He gave me a sample of the Systane Balance to try. So far I find it very soothing and it lasts longer in my eyes than the thera tears do. Just thought I would share a rare positive experience with my DES!
                  Every day with DES is like a box of chocolates...You never know what you're going to get.


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                    Systane Balance - revisited

                    Was planning a trip to Buffalo to pick up Balance but since driving is on hold, ordered online just yesterday.

                    Glad I found this site, soo much wonderful information!