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    Hello all,
    I hope all the regular members knows me by my name.

    I had ordered CLINITAS SOOTHE vials via my uncle who lives in Scotland.Somehow he ordered just too many vials at a time..i wanted it just for a trial.I received the vials. But it does not sooth my eyes much...Im using Genteal on regular basis..but clinitas soothe didnt seem to be a better option for my dry eyes.I liked Clinitas Ultra 3 and The Hydrate gel.

    Now i have 20 packs of clinitas sooth each of them containing 5 vials.Means total of 100vials.Which has an expiry date of 2012 year.
    They r useless for me.If any1 is using it on regular bases, can they faviour me by buying it from me?As I live in India , for me there is no scope to return it back.It wud waste my money..M not rich either...If someone can help me, i will be obliged.I will take payment via paypal and courier the buyer.One can PM me for more info.

    Note that i do not intend to sell any products here.Its just a help i seek.

    Im dnt know but if this thread it against forum rules then mods can inform me and delete the post.
    Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!