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Got my Dwelle in, should I try now or wait?

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  • Got my Dwelle in, should I try now or wait?

    I'm currently on Pataday drops for an allergy related eye flare up, and I have an aqueous deficiency as well as my form of DE. However, I'm also weaning off of Alrex (1x a day for a week currently) as my eye doc put me on it when I first saw him for the allergic conjuncitivitis (I literally looked like frankenstein! all red, stinging, itchy etc. and he wanted to help get the inflammation down).

    So I'm wondering if I should try the Dwelle now, or wait a week or so until I'm off the Alrex so as not to through a bunch of things at my eyes at once? I'm currently using chilled Theratears throughout the day and night, and tranquileyes goggles (*but keep finding I take them off in my sleep!)

    Thanks in advance for any advice on this topic. Also, how often does one use Dwelle? Is it like regular drops, or only twice a day, or?