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  • LaCriserts move around

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm wondering if anyone else has the same trouble with Lacrisert that I do, mainly that the inserts move around constantly.

    I've been using Lacrisert a few years now, I guess it never occured to me to see if anyone else was having the same trouble, I just thought it was something I had to deal with.

    I put them in every night and in the morning all is well usually. I mainly have trouble with movement if I smile and/or laugh a lot during the day or if I'm out somewhere really sunny. Somehow the smiling/ laughing / squinting tends to shift up the insert and then it becomes this goo blob on my eye. The inserts don't bother me until it becomes this goo blob and then I have to constantly fidget with my eye.

    Does anyone else have this trouble? Anything I should try to keep them in place? I also use drops on a regular basis (GenTeal gel drops, Systane Ultra, and a prescription one I can't recall the name of at the moment). Maybe my eyes are too moist for the inserts?

    Thank you so much, I've already gotten a lot of valuable information from the posts on this site, I'm happy I found it.

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    Hi there - I wear them sometimes and they move around for me too. I'm pretty sure it's just the way they are.


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      ZOnka, I wear Lacriserts too...only in my worst eye in that they are sooo expensive.
      Try putting them in in the morning and using and oinment at night.
      I find if I have my Lacriserts in more than eight hours or so they become a blob and do come out.
      My eyes are as dry as you can get....zeros on the Schiemer tests and have only come up to a 2 after using Restasis and seven other treatments for the past four years.
      Hope this helps.


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        I have used the inserts in the morning as well and they do the same moving around. I guess it's just one of the hassles I have to deal with. I'd rather be happy and have to deal with their shifting than unhappy with perfectly in place inserts.

        Thankfully I have quite good insurance to cover the costs of these little buggers. it's still not cheap but it beats paying for it all out of pocket. I could never afford to do what I read one person does, they replace them twice a day.


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          Do you guys feel this lacrisert really helps? I didn't find out about it till a few weeks ago.


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            I feel that they help although I still have to use drops quite frequently. The way I view the inserts is that it's a thicker layer than the drops so the drops help thin out the insert and keep the insert dissolving if that makes sense to you. If I don't use drops then I feel like the insert doesn't do much, that it's just too thick to be of any good.

            But too thick a drop combined with the insert means I have trouble seeing for a few minutes.

            I think putting them in at night instead of first thing in the morning has really helped.

            I think my eyes are pretty dry but from going off some of the things I've read on here they aren't nearly as bad as some experience.