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Samilasan allergy drops?

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  • Samilasan allergy drops?

    My optho mentioned that it looked like I had allergy eyes. Nobody has ever said that to me and I figured I just had MGD. Anyway, I wanted to try some allergy drops and see if it improved things for me. Problem is, all the "real" allergy drops have BAK. I got Zaditor and tried it once and my eyes burned badly when the drops went in. Maybe that's normal, but I was just picturing the BAK eating away my cornea... So, has anyone had actual success with Samilisan allergy drops?

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    i have never tried them but have thought about it.. i cannot tolerate bak either.good luck


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      I tried them but they stung my eyes. I would try them again, say in the morning, when my eyes are in better shape. There is another homeopathic drop called 'occuloheel'. It comes in single unit doses. My daughter who has 'allergy' eyes likes occuloheel. There might be others available on line through 'natural eye ' ' I like that these docs also give advice over the phone.


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        Yes, they are the only drops I use now! If I have an episode, or extreem bad spell I will use the genteal gel to get me through that spot. I was using the others, but found that I was having what I would call a reaction to them, my eyes didn't seem to react the most (so I thought) but my lids and the skin around my eyes was looking wrinkled and peeling, I was even having cracks at the corners of my eyes, and my lids began itching, well thats what got me to try the Similasan Allergy eyes, my eyes are so much better, even tho I do not produce my own tears, I use them often, just went to the Doc this week for eye exam, and he said "whatever your doing, keep doing it" I highly reccomend trying them, they never stung my eyes, and the only time I notice that is if I have put the Genteal Gel in first, but I noticed that all the drops stung like that when I mixed them in my eyes. Good luck to you, please respond with your results........hope they are good