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Do you needs to use artificial tears even when your eyes are not dry?

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  • Do you needs to use artificial tears even when your eyes are not dry?

    Well I woke up this morning and eyes felt great and then I had a shower and eyes felt even better so then I used my blink artificial tears and my eyes felt worse afterwards

    Also I feel slight pressure and pain in my eyes after using the drops.? Do you think this is because I still reuse the vials for upto 24 hours after opening and maybe bacteria is getting in the vials , the vials are kept inside the fridge in a sealed bag.

    I was wondering if you only use your drops when your eyes are bad or do you use them all the time even when your eyes seem ok?

    "Only the body can heal itself, and all healing must come from within your body."

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    I think drop usage depends on the purpose of the drop. Some people have been prescribed serum tears for the healing properties of these drops. Others have been prescribed cortisone based drops to bring down inflammation.

    I think that if you are thinking about skipping a prescribed drop then you should do so in consultation with your eye doctor. On the other hand, if you are using an over the counter artificial tear drop, you are probably okay to pass on using the drop if your eyes are feeling comfortable. A warm shower can help get the flow of meibum going. . . many notice their eyes feeling better after a shower.

    With respect to reusing an open vial, I would not store it for longer than 10 hours and I would be careful that the tip of the vial does not come in contact with anything.


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      I use Blink vials as well. I also use clinitas soothe but this is a thicker drop.
      I think that the pressure and discomfort is unfortunately part of the dry eye, there are so many sensations that go with the various underlying causes of this condition. I feel pressure at times along with the feeling that something is in the eye, this also happens when I add the drops, if your eyes are flaring I really think that adding anything into them, plays them up even if you are having a good day. My flares are pretty constant now and to be honest I add the otc drops because I have to put something in them, not because they help particularly with the comfort levels, they no longer seem to do that.
      If your pain is significant after using the drops, maybe you are sensitive to something in them? Or maybe your eyes are just so dry and adding a solution irritate's them, which is the way it can be when you have a constant inflamation in them.
      I re use the vials but like you am careful with them, I have a little plastic box that goes into my glasses case.


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        I have the symptoms of DES since last september. Since last november i use artificial tears drops (not the preservative-free). And i really don't know how much they help to alleviate the burning eyes and how much they get it worse, at least some times.
        The doctors say to use them even if we don't feel burning or other symptoms. Many times i feel something strange in my eyes after using the drops, perhaps that you have called 'slight pressure', and some discomfort.


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          Hi Leo.. I've stopped using drops for now as think there causing my eyes to feel pressured and ache for some reason ?

          I find that upon waking up after taking drops in the night my eyes feel heavy and are stuck and feel dry, so I stopped takin them recently and found some relief , but maybe it's not a good idea to stop as wont this cause damage to my cornea as my optometrist said I had reduced tears and dry spots?
          "Only the body can heal itself, and all healing must come from within your body."


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            Hi Hyperhead,

            I'm trying to stop using drops. The fact is that my symptoms got worse since i started to use them. The last ophtalmologist i went didin't prescribe me drops (neither said to stop them). My homepath said is better not use them, if i can. Today i could hold without them. But i think i don't have damage in my corneas and my clinical signs are not bad. But i keep wearing wiley-x at least to work.


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              I have the same problem...feel worst when using arrificial tears ( doesn,t matter what brand...i tried them all!) But i have to moisture somehow my eyes and i really don,t know what to do more...