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How to clean ointment residue from eyes?

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  • How to clean ointment residue from eyes?

    Is there any substance on earth powerful enough to clean ointment residue from the eyelashes and lids in the mornings? Even if it's something that isn't that great to use on your eyes every day? Just somedays, when my eyes already look awful, it would be nice to be able to remove the stuff that is caking my eyelashes together and has a visible greasy film under my lower lids. I've tried make up remover, commercial lid wipes, washcloth, even scrubbing them with soap under the shower. Nothing works. It's like this stuff sticks to everywhere except my corneas? Think I might just go back to gels as the ointments don't seem to work much better anyway.

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    Thera Tears Sterilid is perfect for me, the only problem is that it's really expensive for such a small quantity.


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      I use warm compress first thing in the morning after waking up followed by eyelid scrub with some warm wash cloth. This takes out most of these grease out. But I often keep loosing my plugs when I do the washcloth part. Also after using Ointment vision stays blurry thru out the day even after cleaning.


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        Micellar Water

        Hi Poppy

        I've found micellar water to be really helpful in getting greasy antibiotic ointment off my eyes in the morning - better than Sterilid Foam - which has hurt and stung. There are quite a few of these waters on the market - Avene, Garnier, etc. I've been using Simple and it's very good.

        All the best!