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For anyone (likely the old-timers) in the US who liked Refresh Endura...

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  • For anyone (likely the old-timers) in the US who liked Refresh Endura...

    I wanted to let you know that the *new* version of the drop is back on shelves in some stores. (I have only been able to find them at Walgreens in my area though.)
    They are now called: "Refresh Optive Advanced Sensitive Lubricant Eye Drops". They contain castor oil and the ingredients to me look just like those that were in Endura. They come in individual vials and are preservative free. (Not to be confused with Refresh Optive Advanced in the bottle - these contain castor oil as well but are not PF - also not the same as Refresh Optive Sensitive which are PF but do not contain castor oil.)

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    Thank you! Alison W, I was looking for the vials instead of the bottle. They only have it on Walgreens and


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      Yea! Thank you, AlisonW!


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        I was excited that Endura drops were coming back to the USA (so I wouldn't have to get them from Canada any more), but I got hold of some Optive Advanced Sensitive drops and I'm afraid that these are no substitute for Endura.

        They appear to contain a lot less oil than Endura. If you hold them up to the light side by side, Endura are much more opaque than the Optive Advanced.

        They may work for some people, but for me they provided no lasting relief. They stung a little when they went in (which Endura don't) and my eyes are dry again a few minutes later (while Endura drops last 15-30 minutes).

        I'm very disappointed about this - particularly since I don't seem to be able to ship Endura drops from Canada any more.