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Can't ship (Refresh Endura) eyedrops to USA from Canada any more?!

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  • Can't ship (Refresh Endura) eyedrops to USA from Canada any more?!

    Hi everyone!

    I have been surviving on Refresh Endura eyedrops shipped from Canada for the past few years (from the website) after they were discontinued in the USA, but recently all eyedrops from have added a condition:

    "We are only able to ship this item to Canadian customers"

    and it appears I can no place an order for them.

    I contacted Well to try to get some details as to why they couldn't ship eyedrops to me any more and didn't get a particularly good explanation. They seemed to suggest that there was some sort of government regulation stopping them, but couldn't say which government or regulatory authority was responsible.

    Does anyone know any more details about this?

    Has anyone figured out a way around this?

    I'm actually going to have to fly to Canada to try to physically carry some back over the border if I can't get anyone to ship them to me - but I don't want to do this and have them confiscated at customs for some strange reason (a years supply is about 50 boxes for me which is a pretty large investment).

    Thanks for your help!

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    Here's the somewhat confusing information I eventually got in an email from

    "My understanding is that the decision made on these products you're indicating
    was made at a federal level, be it Canadian or American. If I'm honest, I'm not
    totally sure on where that decision came from. It's affected a few hundred
    different products we offer, so I know it's not specific to brand or type of


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        As I comment on that thread: Refresh Optive Advanced Sensitive vials *are not* Refresh Endura.

        If you have them side by side the differences in appearance and feel in your eyes are obvious.

        I bought a couple of boxes of Optive Advanced based on people saying that they were the same and for me they're so different that I'm not sure I can use them at all. They're just plain uncomfortable in my eyes. (I currently use Endura drops about 15-20 times a day, so I'm very familiar with what they feel like).

        My guess is there's a big difference in oil content. Endura drops are quite opaque (like Restasis - which I believe *is* exactly the same thing except with Cyclosporine in it). Optive Advanced are kind of translucent - much more watery looking when you hold them up side by side.

        It would save me lots of money and be much more convenient if I could use Optive Advanced, but I'm afraid that's not an option for me.


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          To me they look, and feel exactly the same. (I have Restasis here as well to compare to.) The oil content may not be as high as it used to be (can't double check since the percentage is not listed) but since they are available and Endura is not, it is still a valid option for many of us. Sorry they aren't comparable for you.