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Feedback on ointments and drops usage

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  • Feedback on ointments and drops usage

    Hi readers -- wanted to share my experience with ointments and drops. I've spent a small fortune on these things, and have gone through so very very many! I wanted to say there is definitely something to the notion of NOT using ointments (day or night). During my long trial/error phase those seemed to make my eyes worse. Using a simple drop with two ingredients (B&L Soothe with glycerin and propylene glycol) works the best for me. It seems to me that somehow this drop is viscous enough to allow my own natural tears to function. Other heavier drops/gels or drops with more ingredients hurt my eyes more.

    I think the ointments are bad news -- I agree with the idea that they block your own tears from working.

    I also have duct plugs which definitely help -- I recently had one fall out and wasn't aware, other than I couldn't figure out what that eye's vision was slightly blurry day and night. When I discovered the plug had come out -- I had it replaced and my vision acuity in that eye got better.

    Best to all -- dry eye is definitely a frustrating affliction and I also became my own doctor as I discovered opthamologists are not that great. With my own research and help from sites like this -- I helped myself way more than doctors have!

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    I agree with you , ointments are bad , moroever you can have allergy from it, more than with drops.