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Daily drops for RCE: Genteal vs. Muro 128?

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  • Daily drops for RCE: Genteal vs. Muro 128?

    Hi all,

    Current RCE sufferer since August. After my most recent trip to the eye doctor I was told to continue using Muro 128 at night (which does seem to work pretty well) and either Genteal OR Muro 128 drops during the day for the next 3 months.

    I have both at home and tried the Muro 128, and OH MY GOODNESS THEY STING! I had heard from her and others that it stung "a bit," but wow..OUCH.

    Has anyone had better results with one over the other? I am willing to go back to the Muro drops if it's something that actually works.


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    I do not have RCE's but my eyelids stick to my eye balls and I cannot stand ointment. It burns me so bad. I use the gel.


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      Muro 128 5% will draw out moisture that causes microcysts that cause RCEs in people with EBMD. However, if you do not have this condition as the underlying cause of your RCEs, then Genteal is the better choice.