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eyemassager: Optimask pro

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  • eyemassager: Optimask pro

    Hello all,

    I am a post-SMILE relex sufferer, 4 years a dry eye patient so far. Doctor recommend me warm compress and massage regularly. I have also starte using Gamma Ray to protect eye better from bluelight. It does help to alleviate the pain and dryness.... Recently, some one recommend me this:

    The idea looks right but I am super skeptical about the way this company PR its product. Has anyone used it? any thought?

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    Gamma Ray Optics - are your glasses amber tint only, or light spectrum screen? The advert says your co-workers turn green with envy...

    Optimaskpro - advert doesn't have any facts in it?

    Can anyone recommend wraparound computer glasses that screen out damaging light and glare? Any idea what gamers and IT users are wearing for optimum?

    It's very good these have helped your dry eyes, Buiduyt.
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      I have been very happy with the Theraspecs rose tinted lenses, both the indoor lenses (not polarized) and outdoor lenses. I found them to be much better for my photophobia than amber tinted lenses.