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Rebound Hyperemia

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  • Rebound Hyperemia

    Hi all, my first post on here so here goes………

    I used Clear eye drops for 14 years, virtually every day about 3-4 times a day…………bad idea I now know.

    Anyway I now have rebound hyperemia but am determined to try and get rid of it or at least improve my eyes.

    I gave up cold turkey in Mid March and within 2 weeks my eyes were no longer inflamed red as they would be on a morning when I woke up before putting in the drops. I must admit to breaking the cold turkey 3 times since then – twice when drinking as they went horrendously red and once before doing a presentation for confidence. Bad Idea I know but what’s done is done.

    Anyway my eyes now are better but I still have prominent veins in the corners of each eye that don’t seem to be reducing, yes I know the breaking of the cold turkey has probably not helped. I really don’t want to be stuck with them forever, they don’t look too bad in natural light but under office lighting look a lot worse.

    I started using the drops because I was drinking every day and would get real bad red eye when drinking and in the morning so I am sure my original red-eye was not due to dry eyes or allergies……but could I have dry eye now? I don’t really get the classic systems of dry eye apart from redness but this is surely the rebound effect.

    I am now wary of putting anything in my eye and am paranoid about me not having dry eye and then loading my eyes with dry eye drops and this causing dry eye! This doesn’t happen does it?!

    I am willing to try anything to help cure my rebound red-eye. Have been using cold compress in the morning and at night, taking breaks from the computer (my job involves using one all day), getting fresh air from the air conditioned office and having started using Viscotears dry eye gel.

    I have read the other thread posted over the years for advice and wondered if anyone had anything to add or encouragement……….i realise this process could take months and not work at all.


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    My eyes seem white other than a few prominent veins mainly in my left. I wonder if they will diminish? After a cool compress they are less prominent but never vanish completely. Anyone had the veins diminish?


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      Swyatt , welcome.

      I was in the same boat as you, I used visine for about 4-5 years once daily. I don't quite remember why I started but it became an addiction. When I stopped, I also got a rebound and dry eye. My eyes had relied on the visine for so long that now they are still dry. I think you are expecting to much to soon. (Sorry if that sounds harsh) but you used these drops for 14 years, so your eyes need to kinda learn how to function without them.

      In my opinion, I would only use preservative free artificial tears and nothing that claims to "remove redness" I like Theratears and soothe. It will eventually get better, but remember how long you used them for compared to only a few months not using them. I am not a doctor but I don't think the eyes will recover this quick.

      Like Kate said, also try cool compresses. Just coming from my experience, the more I do and the more prescription drops doctors throw at me, the more red I get. I know you will feel just takes time! And a lot of it.


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        Hi Faith, no you don't sound harsh asking if I am expecting too much too soon.....I probably am

        It's just that i noticed a large improvement in the first 2 weeks but very little since brain is telling me that's the only improvement you are going to get and the veins now promiment are stuck there forever!

        Anyway the Viscotears is not a red eye treatment and is quite common in the UK for the treatment of dry eye. You cannot cause dry eye by using dry eye products can you? Like I said I really don't think I have dry eye as there are no symptons apart from the red eye.

        I am already doing cool compresses for 10 mins 2-3 times a day and they seem to work in reducing the viens a little for a short period of time.


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          Further update and questions if anyone has any advice:

          The cold compress does work temporarily in reducing the size of the veins. Is this a good sign that they are ‘working’ i.e have not given up the ghost completely?!

          I have been checking my eyes about 3am when I always wake up to go the toilet and they are a lot more bloodshot so I have been popping in some eye gel. Does the fact they are becoming more bloodshot after 4-5 hours sleep suggest I have some sort of dry eye issue at night?