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how to remove erythromycin grease

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  • how to remove erythromycin grease

    How to remove erythromycin grease from around eyes in the morning?

    Baby shampoo isn't getting it all off. I tried dish washing detergent the other day and even though I didn't feel like I got any in my eyes, they were terribly irritated & stung all day afterwards.

    Any suggestions?

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    Although I don't use erythro. ointment, I do use a plain, non-medicated ointment - it's just as greasy as erythro, so maybe what I do will help?

    I scrunch my eyes shut tight, put some Cetaphil oily skin cleanser on my lids (although any old soap will do), lather it up a bit, then put my closed eyes, one at a time, under the warm running water of the tap and flush away the soap and ointment residue (Yes, it really is possible to get your eye under the bathroom sink faucet haha). It does a pretty good job, although there is always a bit of greasy feeling left. Usually by the time I've used my morning Restasis (and flushed any Restasis residue from my eyelashes), serum drops, and naltrexone drops, the greasy reside is gone.
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      It may be easier to remove than erythromycin, but I use lacrilube two or three times a night and my eyes are very sticky in the morning. I use tesco sensitive eye makeup remover pads, a quarter of the circle each for top and bottom lids so I don't spread infection.

      I've used them for about six years now with no ill effects and they leave my eyes nice and non greasy and get rid of any crust.



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        Steam your eyes under the hot shower or simply under running hot water in the sink for a minute, then apply Ocusoft foam and rinse. It should remove the ointment and you won't feel any soreness. Cetaphil is not bad either (way better than any shampoo I've tried), but still leaves my eyes somewhat sore in comparison to Ocusoft foam. Sterilid cleans better but it is way more expensive and it might feel harsh to your eyes so you have to see for yourself.