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resealing lubricant eye drops

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  • resealing lubricant eye drops

    I know we all reuse eye lubricant vials .
    I was reading the theratears info and it said reuse can cause inflammation.

    Does anyone not reuse the eye lubricant vials ? And had improvements ?

    Or how long do you keep it?

    If expense wasn't an issue would it b worth trying ? But it seems like a waste of good product.


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    I used vials without re-use for probably 1-2 years simply because I didn't know you could re-use them. Once I realized there was a 'cap' that you could put on, I started re-using and I don't see a difference. I do try to toss vials if there's a 24 hour period, heat, or other but, I'm not always consistent.


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      Like Potatocakes, we are re-using vials through 24 hours and keeping them upright in an eggcup next to the computer or in the fridge. Otherwise the expense would be unbearable on 6+/day each eye, particularly for Minims. It is tricky not to let the nozzle touch the eye or eyelashes but for safety, it can't.

      But if there is an infection, paediatric, we are super-careful till it's cleared and use separate vials for each eye because cross-infection happens so easily, eg clean pillowcase and undersheet and towel every night, but most people are not dealing with frequent infection like we used to be.

      Other things worrying about unpreserved eyedrop bottles 1/month, apart from accidentally touching the nozzle to the eye, is the temperature going up eg in the school bag in full sun or next to the heater on a bus, and how dirty the outside gets eg in the handbag, and when there's nowhere to wash the hands before using drops. So we carry antibac wipes for the hands and use a washable insulated cool pouch for the drops (like the ones in Rebecca's shop). It's amazing how grubby the outside of the bottle gets otherwise, then the finger goes in the lower eyelid to put the drop in.

      These days we are all about economy - currently on 50/month just for lubricants and looking for savings. Can't say I've noticed a difference either way on re-using vials, Soaps, but we've always had more obvious blepharitis reinfection from rosacea skin and used various antibac washes for that, so general hygiene has been most important.
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      Paediatric ocular rosacea ~ primum non nocere


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        Thanks guys really answer i was looking for. you r right ill continue with reasealing drops but take more care. was really pulling at straws as this inflammation is getting a wee frustrating.

        Its not infection but inflammation....i think. but true i have to b extra careful with infection as i can't do preservatives and strong antibiotics have this. Last infection was managed by chance with mins chlorsig thank God . but Dr says this might not work nxt time... eekks.
        Littlemermaid ur daughter is amazing at dealing with all this and managing school. Do you use a cooler for lubricant drops ? Mine get warm in warm car but i still use them but perhaps i shouldn't.
        Im worried about using hand sanitizing products as so drying . what do u use?


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          I have been using non preserved eye drops for at least 3 years. I use them until they are gone. That could be one day or 5 days. I put them in my purse, pocket, car, where ever they land. The only time I ever throw them out is if the cap comes off and touches something or I find one I forget I had opened and know it is more than 5 days old. I have never had a problem....F/G


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            Wow farmgirl wish that was me. i use like 2 vials an hour some days. i leave the house with nearly a full Box. yep if Im a clumsy fool and drop a nearly full vial on the floor then in the bin it goes.


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                Hankm i think u r doing great work considering it must b hard with dry eyes . the irony is that those of us who r the most affected will never b our own advocates because to leave house and do emails etc would b too painful. and our families r too busy keeping the show on the road so they don't have time. I wonder if education and prevention should also b the focus.

                i didn't use eyedrops in the begining which resulted in severe pain, veins and was nearly too much .
                I think eyedrops r like my painkillers . it would b dangerous to stop. but with authority scripts the cost is ok.


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                    Oh i hate schirmer tests lol. didn't know u could have time 0 score. Then i think u r amazing to b doing so much research as i saw ur site. i like the news section. Do u know the cause of ur dry eyes?. i do hope ur eyes improve. if i could i would advocate against lasik. and with so many drs doing lasik or pushing contacts u kind of lose all hope with medical professionals.

                    Im really glad u r trying for us. wish we had a support group. but lol attendence may b low.

                    Im sorry u had to defer uni and hopefully u can go back soon. But u have achieved heaps during this time.