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Need a new eye drop to try

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  • Need a new eye drop to try

    I have Bell's Palsy and my affected eye doesn't fully blink (25% or so). My ophthalmologist has never done a dry eye test on me but what from I've read I'm guessing that my problem is with the aqueous layer since my blink doesn't spread the tears and my affected eye doesn't produce as many tears as my other eye. I have been using lacrilube 24/7 until I discovered lacrisert and loved it. But it's been on backorder for months and I would like to find something besides ointment that might work. I've tried Bion Tears and they don't last long. I've also tried Refresh Celluvisc and Refresh Endura since it contains the same ingredients as Restasis and I wanted to know if that would work for me). Endura was ok and celluvisc was better but certainly doesn't last as long as lacrilube. What other kinds of drops last the longest? I've been wondering about a gel drop (eg. Genteal gel or refresh liquigel) or a PVA/ povidone drop (freshkote or refresh lubricant eye drops). Any suggestions?
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