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Omega 3 eye drops available

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  • Omega 3 eye drops available

    if someone missed it (as me), omega 3 eye drops are available. They are called Remogen Omega and should be available at least in Europe. Manufacturer is some swiss company TRB Chemedica. They also manufacture famous Vismed.

    Remogen Omega contains a mixture of lipid molecules (fatty acids and vitamin E, which are natural constituents of tears) in a lubricating and hydrating solution. It acts on the three layers of the tear film. In particular, it integrates with and mimics the thin lipid layer of the natural tear film reducing evaporation from the tears.

    Remogen Omega forms a hydrophilic (water loving) film which adheres to the surface of the eye, retains water and stabilises the tear film, thus protecting the cornea.

    Remogen Omega soothes, refreshes, lubricates, nourishes, hydrates and protects the surface of the eye relieving symptoms such dryness, burning and discomfort of the eyes. In particular, it can be used in cases of:

    computer screen use
    diseases of the immune system that reduce tear production
    environmental conditions of low humidity and the constant flow of air-conditioned air
    during contact lens wear
    after cataract or corneal surgery including corneal transplantation and refractive surgery

    Seems to be quite new, on butterflies there's no review.
    If someone has already tried them, can you share your opinion on them?

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    It is a very good news..I will order ..Thank you for info !!!


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      I tried to find out more info about them and seems they are distributed in the following countries:

      United Kingdom

      They were announced 30.8.2012, so they are available almost a year, strange no one here ever mentioned them.


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        in France too! i have ordered them, will receive soon


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          Sad to see they are not in the USA, would like to try these as I have very little tears of my own, they sound soothing...I'll check the web anyways just in case, can't wait for some to chime in who have tried them


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            I've ordered some, be interesting to see if they help. Fingers crossed!


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              I live in the U.S. but I am going to the UK this weekend. I have ordered the drops to pickup while there... I will let everyone know in a couple weeks.


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                i received them yesterday . So bad news for me lol, the drop stings VERY much and they make my eyes very red. My eyes really don't like them.

                Moreover, i tried these drop on my mother and same: it stings a lot and her eyes turned red.
                So won't use thse drops again.

                What is very suspicious is that there is no "side effects section" on the notice, so i Wonder if everyone has already tried the drop before and its weird thati did not see any review or criticisms of these drops on the Net.

                so a bit disappointed because i had a lot of hope toward those drops...


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                  ou, I'm really sorry. Buy maybe they are more like healing drops, like restasis (didn't try myself, but it's said to sting a lot as well) or azyter (tried myself and it really stings a lot), instead of drops just to provide relief. Were your eyes at the moment of installation really dry? Drier your eyes are, more everything you put inside stings or hurts.
                  But it's really strange that it doesn't have any side effects sections.

                  Is there any leaflet inside? Or composition? I couln not find composition at all, strange.

                  I read that drops with omega 3 and hyaluronic acid have been also tested (not by this company), so maybe those ones will be more pleasant to instill, but it will take long to become available.


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                    I had the same experience as the poster above, burning sensation and red eyes.


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                      I had the same experience. Burning and red eyes. I had to rinse them out to get relief so it is hard to tell if the eyes are dry afterwards.


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                        I want to try these but live in the U.S. I will buy them from you if you don't want them. Please PM me if interested.


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                          ORDER THEM HERE --