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Difference between Hylo-Forte and Hylo-Gel (URSAPHARM)

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  • Difference between Hylo-Forte and Hylo-Gel (URSAPHARM)

    Hello everyone,

    I have been using Hylo-Gel drops fro several months now and it really helped me much with my dry eyes...I looked at Amazone for cheaper prices (it costs more than 60$ in Canada for a 10 ml bottle) and i found Hylo-Forte which has teh same composition of the Hylo-Gel and manufactured by the same company ...Is there anyone which can help me with that please !

    thank you

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    I can't help with explaining the difference between products exactly. My understanding though is that Forte is even 'stickier' / 'thicker' than the gel.

    I was recommended Forte by both my ophthalmologist and optometrist. It is good, I love the bottle, the measured drops, the fact it's preservative free and I like that it is thicker than normal. With that said, from time to time, I just need a lubricating drop that is very watery to 'wash out' that gritty sensation.