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Optimel Manuka+ Dry Eye Drops in uk now (finaly!)

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  • Optimel Manuka+ Dry Eye Drops in uk now (finaly!)

    finaly found these in the uk after struggling for months to find someone who didnt want to charge me 20 pounds for postage to send them from australia . just wanted to spread the word, not obviously allowed to advertise on here and am in no way part of the site, but if you do a search for them now in the uk you'll find a popular site that sells them pop up and they are for 15. hope this helps. ive been so frustrated for so long i just wanted to share, so hope this is allowed!
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    Have these drops worked for you?


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      Thank you for the recommendation, i read the reviews on the website in the uk that sells those drops and alot of people have positive results. Thinking about trying them myself. But i was just wondering if they have worked for you?


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        These drops caused my eyes to burn like no other!

        I have tried hundreds of drops and none burned/stung like these.

        My eyes were sore and still dry.

        Did not work and a waste of money!

        The search continues...