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Best drop to use before bed?

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  • Best drop to use before bed?

    Hi everyone,

    For the past few months I've been putting a drop of Castor in each eye before going to bed and it's done alright but I'm wondering if theres some miracle oil or ointment that I'm missing out on that might help me better. In the past I've tried Refresh PM/lacri-lube, hylo-forte, Genteal all of which didn't really work that great for me. Is there anything out there that yall use that you really like? The main issue I'd like to solve is that I like to sleep on my side but when I do so it seems no matter what i've put in my eye it rushes to one side and the outside of my eye away from the pillow gets even more dry. I'd appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!

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    Hi Swiss, a MD replied the following on 26-May-2016 in this forum which I find logical.
    I use Blephasteam/facial steamer (eye closed) before bed which serves similiar purposes (ie to get ride of dirt, residue etc).
    + swimming goggle help.

    Trying to keep "dry eyes" moist during sleep with the thickest or smoothest ointment/gel likely will not help and may worsen the problem.
    The underlying cause is generally not due to excess evaporation or inadequate water/aqueous production.
    It's the oil secretion along your lids during sleep that leads to the cascade of inflammation that cause dry eye symptoms.
    Ointments will block the flow of inflammatory components that must drain through the lacrimal system, since they won't clear by evaporation like water to any great degree.

    Try letting warm water run across your closed eyelids for 2 minutes at night and
    scrub the lash line of the closed eyelids for 15-20 seconds with a mild shampoo.
    The running warm water removes the dirt, oil residue, and bacteria on your eyelids in addition to warming them. Heating pads just warm the lids.
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      Hi MGD1701

      Thanks for getting back to me and sorry for my late reply. I'll try what you suggest and see how it works


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        Hi Swiss
        You are welcome. I also use swimming goggle when sleep - helps too.
        Do you close eyes completely when sleep? someone people do not.

        Before bed I apply oil-based drops.
        I used ointments (as instructed by doctors) before which only created more problems.


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          I was told that my eyes do not close fully when i have my eye lids shut. I also sleep with goggles on. What kind of oil-based drops do you use?


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            I use EvoTears, it is pure oil - good but very expensive and bad design - often come out 2 drops.
            Other oil-based drops: Systance Balance, Retaine MGD etc. you can google more.