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Knock-off eyedrops & a warning.

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  • Knock-off eyedrops & a warning.

    I'm managing my RCE with hylotears and hyloforte at the moment, which have to be used on a regular basis. There was a problem with my last set. The phramcist gave me them, but they were all in dark blue boxes with labels stuck on the side. I wasn't happy but she said they had changed packaging. I put off using them until this morning. when I was down to a reserve bottle that was running out.

    The second I put the drops in one eye, the pain level was equivalent to an erosion. I used my reserve bottle of hylotears and a compress to irrigate the eye until the pain stopped, which took over an hour. Then I contacted the manufacturers, Scope, who said they had certainly not changed the packaging. So I went back to the pharmacist who said that if I wanted actual Hylotears I needed to specify the manufacturer, as otherwise they have located cheaper suppliers who make the same product, and exchanged them while complaining I had sensitive eyes (well, duh!).

    There's now a note on my file not to give me anything but the original, but be careful of cost-cutting when you buy eyedrops. No matter what they say those drops are not preservative-free and are definitely not identical to the original.