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Nighttime ointments clog meibomian glands?

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  • Nighttime ointments clog meibomian glands?

    I have a question regarding using overnight ointments, specifically white petrolatum (97%) with (3%) lanolin.

    Some drs have theorized (Dr. Latakany) that these ointments might clog the meibomian glands.

    Does anyone know whether this is true or not?

    I have MGD and mild blepharitis and this is the only treatment that helps with my blurriness and dryness but I have woken up with pain/inflammation in my eyelids.

    I'm worried about making the eyelid/margin disease worse over the long-term.

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    That's a great question and it's an area of concern for me as well. I asked this same question to my Opthomologist and she wasn't sure of the answer. It seems logical to me that nighttime ointments would block the melobian glands due to their thick viscosity, but on the other hand why would doctors be prescribing it? I have severe dry eye (along with 7 other ocular diseases) due to Steven Johnson Syndrome.

    If I go a night without using ointment, my dry eye terribly worsens the next day. I use Refresh PM as it's the only preservative-free ointment on the market that I can find. I worry that it's clogging my glands but I can't seem to get a professional opinion about it. Anyone?


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      interesting. I had the same question and I had one doctor say it would not cause a problem. Then I had another who definitely told me I should not use it all the time because it does clog the glands. The second seemed pretty emphatic about it! I usually only use them when it gets really cold. I am hoping I can find another answer before winter hits.