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Hycosan Night - anyone else tried this?

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  • Hycosan Night - anyone else tried this?

    I've been using Xailin Night ointment for a few months now. It seems to have helped a lot. I ran out a few weeks ago and none of my local shops had any in (they had to order some). I was desperate to have something for that night (I've been getting corneal abrasions when I don't use the ointment) and found hycosan night for sale in boots. More expensive by a few pounds than Xailin but it seems pretty good.

    Can't find it for sale anywhere else so far (in the UK - don't know if it's available elsewhere), just Boots. I'm going to ask my opth about it at my next appointment to see whether they recommend it.

    Wondering if anyone here has heard of it and/or tried it. It's preservative-free (it says) and I like it from the few times I've tried it.

    I've found all the hycosan and hylo range the best for me (together with thealoz duo). Still not okay at all (as in the dry eye/mgd pain, vision issues, etc still major problems) but these drops and ointments seem the best so far for me in terms of giving some relief.

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    The Xailin Night Ointment you like is available on Amazon-UK. Often things cost less online than in physical retail stores. Perhaps stock up and buy several.


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      Originally posted by Hokucat View Post
      The Xailin Night Ointment you like is available on Amazon-UK. Often things cost less online than in physical retail stores. Perhaps stock up and buy several.
      Thanks for the tip. Any saving on cost is helpful because I've spent so much money on this. Seems like Amazon charges the same for Xailin as my local retail store - but I've noticed they have the hycosan range cheaper than physical stores so I'm going to stock up!

      I'm lucky that I get the ointment on prescription from my GP but I never get enough and have to buy extra myself OTC.


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        The Hycosan products are typically re-brands of Hylo and other Ursapharm products, just in different packaging or smaller quantities (e.g. Hycosan Extra = Hylo-Forte but 7.5ml instead of 10ml). In this case it's a re-brand of VitA-Pos I believe ("5g Eye ointment with vitamin A" is what it says on my VitA-Pos tube). You can get VitA-Pos on prescription here in the UK (I do), so ask your ophthalmologist about that.

        Also ask the ophthalmologist to push for more boxes of Xailin Night per repeat prescription request to be added, if your case is severe enough it should be possible. I have the same problem with Hylo-Forte at times.

        I've also been trying Thealoz Duo and finding it helpful in combination with Hylo-Forte. It might be possible to get it on NHS prescription. Some guidelines for 2017 suggest it for severe dry eye after a study comparing it to other stuff. Though they also argue for it replacing Hylo-Forte, I hope both stay as options since Thealoz is 0.15% while Hylo-Forte is 0.2% sodium hyaluronate. This is just one NHS area though, every area has different prescribing guidelines for dry eye, so I'm not sure if Thealoz Duo is on the guidelines for my area yet.

        "2017 Draft Updated: Thealoz Duo replaces carmellose Optive in severe dry eye on the previous pathway. This would replace sodium hyaluronate 0.2%, clinitas 0.4% as it is more cost effective.

        Specialist Initiation/recommendation only: Theoloz Duo (Trehalose, Sodium hyaluronate)"
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          Oh, thanks! I think I tried VitA-Pos a few years ago. Wasn't sure about it at the time but perhaps my eyes have changed (definitely got worse) because they hycosan night really helped. Xailin Night is good for me too so I'm happy with any of these 3 options. Whichever is cheapest for me and preferably on prescription!

          I'm lucky the Thealoz Duo was suggested by my ophthalmologist - so my GP gives it to me on NHS prescription - but very sparingly. Hopefully your area will prescribe it to you too? It seems so ridiculous having this postcode lottery with different prescribing guidelines.

          I'm like you - have to use it in combination. I'm using it with Hylocare or Hylotear at the moment. Also use Clinitas Soothe when the eyes are particularly sore. Really helps but I go through that so quickly.

          It's a bit confusing the different names, same products. I buy hycosan products OTC and they do seem the same as Hylo products. Wonder why they don't just have the same name regardless of quantities? I guess rival companies making them?

          I'll ask the ophtahlmologist about getting me more in one go on prescription - the Xailin Night and the day drops. Hopefully he'll be willing to do that because it does get so expensive.


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            Yeah I sometimes use VitA-Pos during the day as it's not as bad for blurring vision after some blinks or adding a drop with it, then Xailin Night at well... night

            Oh that's good to hear you get Thealoz Duo on prescription, I will definitely ask if I can too. It's been hard finding stuff that doesn't sting (e.g. even Hylo Care and Hylo Dual stung even though it's only one ingredient different to Hylo-Forte). So I've been ordering stuff myself to experiment.

            It does get expensive since I also don't really get on with the drops recommended for MGD on the NHS (e.g. Systane Balance) and had to start ordering in stuff from Germany (Cationorm, also known as Retaine MGD in the US).

            If you like Hylo Tear 0.1% maybe give Hylo Forte 0.2% a go.
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              I must try out VitA-Pos. I've used Xailin Night during the day occasionally when things are really bad but it does blur too much really for regular daytime use.

              It really does seem like pot luck - both with NHS prescribing and what to try. Hope you do get Thealoz Duo on prescription - it seems to have helped me quite well (but it's not enough on its own). I've used Hylo Forte before and it wasn't bad, but then I found Hylo-care better. It's weird because now I'm finding Hylo-tear better than Hylo-Care. Maybe it's good to mix it up more or alternate different types.

              I find hylocare can sting sometimes - quite badly - but then other times it doesn't. Partly why I mix up what I'm using.


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                Yeah nothing gives me full relief yet unfortunately. Here's hoping something else works for us.

                Maybe your eyes get tired of one thing so alternating sounds good. Natural tears are made up of so many different things.

                Yeah I think it's the d-panthenol (Vitamin B5) that stings for me in Hylo Care, glad to hear you can tolerate it at times without stinging.
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                  It's really strange. Yesterday I used Hylocare and got the stinging (still used it because I didn't have any other drops left - and the stinging goes after a few mins for me). This was the first time it had stung for ages. Not sure if it stings when our eyes are particularly sore/damaged, or just when they need a break from that particular drop.

                  Have you managed to get Thealoz Duo on NHS prescription? Hope so. It's been helpful for me (although not on it's own).

                  Tried VitaPos again recently. Xailin Night wasn't in stock anywhere I could find. It seems pretty good for my eyes - but so much harder to put in. Xailin Night (and the Hycosan Night) come out of the tube relatively easily into my eyes. I'm finding I need to use my fingers to put the VitaPos in - and I get more misses and more waste with it. I stocked up because there was a good bulk offer so I'll keep using it anyway.