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Hydrasense Range (Sodium Hyaluronate Canada)

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  • Hydrasense Range (Sodium Hyaluronate Canada)

    I hear in Canada Hylo Gel (0.2% Sodium Hyaluronate) can be prohibitively expensive ($70+ CAD, 42 compared to 15 for 0.2% Hylo Forte here in UK).

    But on the Facebook groups someone mentioned a new drop called Hydrasense. I looked into it and it seems to be similar to the Hylo Range, and even has a 0.3% preservative and phosphate free option! Though the 0.3% says it's for night use, for those with severe dry eye it's worth trying it during the day like Hylo Gel. Best of all the price is a lot more affordable $16 CAD.

    Hydrasense - 0.15%
    Hydrasense Advanced - 0.15% and Vitamin B5 (like Hylo Care)
    Hydasense Gel - 0.3%

    "How to Use the hydraSense Preservative free Multidose Eye Drop Bottle"
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    I tried it and it's definitely a good drop, I recommend it if you can try it out.