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How to use Manuka Honey?

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  • How to use Manuka Honey?

    So I just bought Manuka honey. I've heard nothing but good. Do I spread it over eyelid or apply it in eyelashes or under eyelid? Also this is Manuka honey from vitaminshoppe. Not the optimal. I didn't have patience to order that online and wait
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    You can make eyedrops with them using dilution of 1:10 with normal saline, or apply the honey directly onto your lashline before sleep. It burns like hell. I am no longer using them because they actually blocked more of my glands. You can also just eat the honey for an overall immunity boost.


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      I'm going to see if I can return it. I did it once yesterday and woke up today and my eye was way worse than it has been in awhile. Either coincidence or the honey was not good for my eye. Needless to say I won't try it again to find out.