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What ointment instead of Lacrilube I can use?

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  • What ointment instead of Lacrilube I can use?

    I use Lacrilube on a regular basis, but was told by two pharmacies that there's a manufacturing issue with it, and it may last weeks or months. So, I need to find another ointment, similar by consistence. Can anyone recommend one? I live in the UK and would prefer to receive an ointment on prescription. I also use Simple ointment, which is no substitute to the above - it's thicker.

    Thank you.

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    Here in Australia Lacrilube has just changed it's name to Refresh Night Time Eye Ointment. Perhaps the same thing is happening in the UK, rather than it being stopped altogether.


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      VitA-Pos is a good alternative. I didn't like lacrilube though but I like this. Have to get it prescribed from GP not Ophthalmologist. Can't remember why exactly.


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        I find Lacrilube horrible. Polyvisc is a good alternative, we are all different, but it's gentler on my eyes. I only use it when needing to go without sclerals or moisture chambers for a few hours.