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Thealoz Duo??

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  • Thealoz Duo??

    Doess anyone of you use these drops?if so,what can u say about it when compared with other artificial tear drops. i was using systane but i think i ll buy these ones next are they better or same?

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    I use Thealoz duo and I am very happy with them compared to other sodium hyaluronate based eye drops. Thealoz has another ingredient called trehalose, which provides longer effectiveness in eye surface.


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      Hey there drytc1, Thealoz Duo is one of the two drops I use, the other being Refresh Optive (though I'm giving Refresh Optive Mega-3 a try also).

      I really like the fact that the 10 mL bottle is still preservative-free due to the advanced filter design. The Thealoz single-use vials are preservative free too of course, but they're truly single-use only— there's no way to slip the cap back on, which is possible with the Refresh vials. I know you're not supposed to do that, but I don't like to be wasteful, and I figure as long as I use the rest of it quickly and carefully it'll be fine.

      As chuto mentioned, there is decent evidence for the ingredient trehalose having a protective effect on the eye's surface. Subjectively, I find the drops soothing, and when my eyes are red they seem to help more than others.

      Fwiw, Refresh Optive Mega-3 also contains trehalose, but it's not listed as an active ingredient.


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        I agree with you. i have been using thealoz duo like 1 month and it is much more effective and soothing than other sodium hyaluronate based drops.trehalose is a substance which some bacteria that can live under low water levels can it makes sense and it is has anti oxidant effects as well. i recommend thealoz duo..