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    I'm sure the answer is elsewhere, but haven't been able to find it. The question is...Can preservative free drops be used more than once? I use restasis, keep it in the fridge and use it till it's gone. Can I do the same with other preservative free drops...thanks

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    Many people use the twist off cap on Restasis and snap it back on. The same with single use preservative free lubricating drops.

    Theratears brand stopped making the twist cap that used to be able to re-cap. I never knew the twist off caps could be used until I read it here on the forum.

    I think keeping the Restasis in the fridge (and putting it back in the fridge after opening)will help slow any bacterial or viral growth especially if you store the used-re-capped vial in a very clean container with a lid.

    I'd be very, very careful reusing single use vials if you're touching any part of the tip near your eyes to use the drops. Since Restasis is generally used twice a day, 8-12 hours apart, and you would put it back in the fridge, maybe 12 hours maximum to be safe for reuse is the safest, then throw away the opened single use vial.

    I've heard of people trying to make Restasis last for days since it's so expensive end up with infections. If you are having any symptoms of infection or inflammation I probably wouldn't reuse the single use vial until everything is healed and/or your doctor says it's OK.
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