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How long to wait before putting different gel eye drop in

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  • How long to wait before putting different gel eye drop in

    Does anybody have any recommendations on how long I should wait if I'm trying a different I drop particularly gel drops. I know drops contain different ingredients and don't want to end up mixing chemicals together and causing irritation or an interaction of the chemicals in the drops. Thanks any advice would be appreciated

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    hi Ozzy, i was told at least 30 mins, how ever (as long as they are not medical) i tended to just add what ever i needed when ever i needed it, particularly at the start of my issues when i needed drops every 5 mins! (im in no way trained though to tell you if this was wise!) now i only use one sort of drop, since found one that i get on with really well with which has resolved the issue for me. which drops are you using?
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      Bausch & Lomb soothe during the day used to use refresh celluvisc at night but now I have to use an ointment. Tried lots of drops in the past systane Oasis Tears seemed okay at first but then made the lid pocket irritated. What drops do you use. I talked to a pharmacist who was actually quite helpful as I'm going to try albumin tears. He said that a lot of ingredients even in preservative free drops which is all I've used except for the very beginning when I didn't know better and only needed to put drops in a couple times a day can irritate the eyes. Boric acid as one of them.


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        Right now I don't know what the hell to do doctor didn't know either. I get reflux tearing all day long my eyes are still bloodshot as hell and dry as hell in the morning even using only mine at night. Burn most of the day but not quite as blood shot at during the day. I also take an antidepressant that has a strong antihistamine that can be contributing to dry eye. Doctor can answer the question if Restasis or xiidra would even help if the extra dry eye is being exasperated by the medication. Dry definitely got worse over the course of the past few months of being on the mirtazapine antidepressant. Eyes also got worse when I got a virus about a month-and-a-half ago they seem to start to tear up during the daytime and we're worse at night from a dryness standpoint. ENT doctor thinks I might have some allergies but never had any my whole life. Only thing in the house that could be allergic to is the cat. Is spring is just sprung in Chicago I don't think there's very much going around in the air. Trying to correlate all my health issues between these doctors is just driving me crazy also. I have lots of GERD that I believe is contributing to my sore throat and swallowing problems and also adding to my sinus problems sinus problems may be adding to the eye problems. I also suffer from extreme anxiety and depression and have for quite some time. And so I problem just makes it worse I was doing better recently till I got sick in the eyes got worse.

        last visit at the eye doctor two weeks ago she said there was no infection thought I might have gotten a virus in my eye and maybe got fought off and turn bacterial. Even the Bausch & Lomb soothe drops that we're neutral on my eyes now usually burn when I put them in. She gave me a steroid drop to settle down the inflammation burns like hell for several hours after putting it in used it for a few days may have come down the inflammation a little bit. Had one good night about three nights ago where I woke up and the left eye which is my worst one was not that bloodshot. As soon as I open either one of my eyes in the morning instant reflux tearing.

        thanks for replying to my post


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          He initially used ointment for a couple weeks when I first got the dry eyes about a year ago and found it after a couple weeks of using the ointment it just seemed to make them worse. My nighttime drop until recently has been the refresh celluvisc and initially it would sting a little bit putting it in and then it would settle down and hold me for the night. Eyes of course would feel crappy in the morning but not extremely bloodshot and no reflux tearing. The reflux tearing didn't start until I actually got sick with a virus. Coincidentally back in January and it didn't affect the eyes at all. Actually it was mostly in my chest and throat anyway only had a couple days of Stuffy blowing nose but have for the past six to seven months at least haven't really kept track of I've always seem to have a kind of a runny nose which I thought could have been a side effect of a medication I also take called clonazepam I've had sinus issues on and off most of my life. Nothing recently other than just some nasal drip and blowing my nose a few times a day. Recently attributed that to the strong antihistamine properties of the mirtazapine.


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            If the the drops are burning like hell then I wold suggest that you are possibly allergic to something in the drops usually the preservatives, use non preserved drops including the steroids. I cnnot tolerate gels much at all and have not since day one.

            FYI clonazepam which is a benzodiazapine, is highly addictive and hard to get off of, use with care. I was on it for a while and got off by tapering because I found that out and didn't want to go down that rabbit hole.


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              Thanks for the advice I've been up and down the rabbit hole on clonazepam several times. The only drops I use are preservative-free. As far as lubricant drops go that is.