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Refresh celluvisc vs oasis plus

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  • Refresh celluvisc vs oasis plus

    Any opinions on which one would be better refresh celluvisc or Oasis plus for night time use

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    I personally cannot use if I have to use something thick at night. I use the systane ointment. Hope you get a better answer.


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      Thanks recently try the Oasis and using the refresh celluvisc for a while. Oasis weren't quite as thick but did not seem to burn the I pocket on the bottom and lid margins as much as the cellular ask does head first. Eyes getting worse. Need to go back to the doctor or find a better doctor unfortunately I only have blue cross community health care plan through Medicaid limits my eye doctors. Used ointment about 8 months ago 9 months ago for a little over a week. Same to make them worse at the time although I wasn't cleaning the leftover very well the next morning sometimes. Thanks for your input again. I have read that some people use a drop and then you could use a little ointment also after drops


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        What are your symptoms and what are you currently taking besides the gel at night?


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          Burning red eyes upon Awakening during the night. Been taking extra fish oil the past couple months. Was doing very warm compresses for a while several weeks ago. Seem to get oil out and made it a little better for a while. And it seem like the Heat May the information worse doing it daily. Also have had a virus and I caught another one later on so basically had a cold virus for the past month still have sinus issues. Just been using the refresh celluvisc and try the Oasis.

          celluvisc Burns a little bit at first but then settles down somewhat. But if I can't fall asleep right away within a couple hours eyes are burning again or if I wake up a few hours later and have to go to the bathroom burning and very red. Initially a couple months ago doctor said I had mild blepharitis. After going to another doctor she did not say that I had any blepharitis this was several weeks later. She expressed the glands on the bottom and said they were fine but just used a Q-tip not any device to measure the actual pressure required.

          Was also told I don't blink completely. Last night I tried adding a little systane eye ointment after putting refresh celluvisc in. Was hard to do after words because obviously there was still some of the drops in there too . Also lower lid margins burn to sometimes they burn just when my day eye drops that I use are Bausch & Lomb soothe. I know these are a lot more liquidy and made more for mild dry eye. Soothe never burn my eyes till ababout 4weeks ago or so maybe a little more. Sometimes they would actually irritate the lower lid margins on the outside a little bit.

          Based on what I've read could be a combination of Aquos deficiency for sure and maybe some blepharitis again. Today clean lid margin eye love hydrate lid and lash cleaner.
          Still hurting all day long 75% of the redness goes away after multiple applications of Bausch & Lomb soothe during the morning. Immediately get reflux tearing when I open up my eyes during the night and in the morning. When I was doing warm compresses I did notice some blurred vision. Noting that that was getting some oil out. Then after doing it daily for about a week I noticed it seem to also create reflux tearing. Once I got the cold virus and also seem to make the dry eye worse and the reflux tearing worse.

          if I wake up during the night I use a cold washcloth to get off any crusty debris left from the drops and put in the Bosch & Lomb soothe a couple times and then they stopped reflux tearing somewhat in the pain subsides a little bit I can go back to sleep for a while. As long as I don't open my eyes.

          went to sinus doctor to see if that sinus infection actually had a CT scan of the sinus today. Was going to try systane nighttime gel in the tube but I remember trying the systane daytime gel and it remember that it seemed to burn my eyes more than the other drops the Bausch & Lomb ones I should say.

          inside of Loft lower lid looks a little redder than the right one.