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  • gel drops at night

    Iíve been using vitapos for a while now before I go to bed but itís started to irritate my eyes. It feels like itís clogging up my eyes and just doesnít feel soothing to be honest. Does anyone know a good nighttime gel drop to use, preferably one I can get my hands on IN THE UK!


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    I use these products..ointment and bubble bandage. I'll toss a link to a good gel too.



    I prefer ointments because they just feel better. I suggest soothe or retaine. Rebecca put out that good chart and it lists those two as the cleanest of the bunch. You may prefer this to gel also. But the tears plus are amazingly comfortable.

    The prices are absurd out there, if you need some help getting some products let me know.

    EDIT: Check and see if Rebecca ships to the UK from thedryeyeshop. They have EVERYTHING you need.
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      To be honest Iím looking for a product thatís manufactured in the UK because I canít really afford shipping costs etc and money is quite tight (I have no income and neither does my parents). Thank you for the response anyway....

      Also where can I find that graph you mentioned?


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        swimming google would help too.
        or try to find from, they have more slections even products from USA. Good luck!
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          Donít worry Iíve alresdy got moisture goggles. Iíll have a look but most US products I canít get in the UK such as retaine. The Uk sucks for dry eye products except for hycosan extra (hyloforte) which works a treat.


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            MGD Retaine in Europe called, Cationorm.

            Others with lipi-based are: Optive Plus, Systane Balance (invented by Dr Korb), EvoTears (pure oil but very expensive)


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              Shoot me a message man I might be able to help.