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Unnecessary use of eye drops for MGD

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  • Unnecessary use of eye drops for MGD

    This is very much a query on my part, no advice here.

    My glands get blocked, I think, through hyper-secretion of oils.

    I perform the warmth, massage and clean and I ca see them open up and see liquid appear.

    Eyes now feeling good.

    I then sometimes put in a drop of hyco-san (sodium hyaluronate 0.1%), as they say it washes away debris and for the fact they say prevent dryness before it happens.

    Shortly after my eyes are sore, stinging and red.

    However sometimes when I use this exact same drop in the middle of the day when my eyes are feeling dry I get relief.

    I wonder if my eyes are fine and glands open, oils flowing, is the drop diluting what is fine and could the residue be drying on top of the glands as they seem to dry up and close afterwards.

    Anyone similar of a scientific explanation for this?