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  • Coconut oil for mgd

    Hello, just wanted to post about my experience with coconut oil. Since the middle of Nov 2014 I have been using coconut oil each night. I have read in various places that coconut oil irritates some peoples eyes and made them red. I have had a bad experience using a particular brand of coconut oil but when using Tiana from Holland and Barrett I dont have any negative side effects.

    This is the brand I use which has helped me a lot - Tiana Pure Virgin Coconut Oil
    Every night I boil the kettle, pour it into a mug with a teaspoon so that teaspoon is sterile, pour water away, scoop out teaspoon and a half of coconut oil and let it melt. After washing hands thoroughly I apply the oil all over my lids and rub it in to my lashes to the base and then put the rest of it all over my face and skin surrounding eyes, its helped so much with repairing the skin around my eyes where all the lid hygiene was making them chapped and sore.

    This coconut oil has helped me so much, I believe it has helped to stop demodex moving arount a night and it helps keep my eyes moist at night. Always sleep with window open and central heating off too.

    The Tiana coconut oil that I use does not smell of coconut at all. My eyes reacted very badly to using this one from Tesco, my eyes went very sore and red

    Just wanted to share this as coconut oil could help if you find the right one

    Hope it can help someone too

    Cath x
    27, pinguecula, dry eye, Wirral, UK

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    Thanks Cath! I had tried this before, but only by using them as drops (one drop directly in each eye which did not really provide much relief), but after reading this, I decided to try it again last night, following your method for application. And very happily, I awoke today to almost-normal feeling eyes (well, let's not exaggerate). Thanks for posting this, and I agree that it's vital to make sure the coconut oil is as pure as possible - organic, cold-pressed, etc..


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      Hi Cathy,

      So do you think the coconut oil will help with dry eyes or just the dry skin where they hygiene has taken its toll?



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        Hi Cathy,

        Are you still applying the coconut oil to your eyes?

        I gave your treatment a try yesterday. I actually got the same brand you mentioned from Holland & Barrett.

        I'm not sure. My right eye is quite red and aggressive today. I'm not sure if it was a reaction to the coconut or purely coincidental.

        I may try it again once the current symptoms settle.



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            Thank you Savino for your in-depth reply. Much appreciated. I use Systane Balance. I find them quite good. I mostly use these in the morning time to aid the opening of my really dry eyes. Sometimes when I wake up throughout the night I apply a drop or two as well.

            I think given your reply, I may avoid using the coconut oil in future. Perhaps it could be good for general skin but I'll not apply to the lids or margins themselves.

            Originally posted by savino View Post
            Coconut oil may help with the dryness but lauric acid irritates the conjuctiva. I got red eyes too after using coconut oil. So I'm not sure if it's the best idea. The best solution for dryness due to MGD is to use eye drops that contain phospholipids such as Systane Balance. Phospholipids are hydrophobic and hydrophilic so they have the ability to bind the thick lipid layer to the aqueous layer preventing rapid evaporation which happens with "standard" eye drops.

            Plus if you have seborrheic blepharitis coconut oil is the worst thing you can put on your eyelids because Malassezia feeds of lauric acid or any kind of oil except medium chain triglycerides (MCT). If you have seb derm coconut oil is a big no.


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                Originally posted by savino View Post
                What kind of dry eye do you have? What is your oil like?
                Hmm good question. I've failed to get a proper answer but I can tell you that when I express using the hot compress I can get a low level of oils.


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                  I tried Tiana organic virgin coconut oil last night, applying it around my eyes on the upper and lower lids before bed. I sterilized the spoon with boiling water, etc. After two hours I woke up with eye irritation and had to do a warm compress to fall back asleep. I awoke in the morning with red, irritated eyes. Not just the lid margins, but the entire eye. And they hurt.

                  Also it took a month to get the Tiana coconut oil shipped to me on amazon.


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                    I use coconut oil to clean my lash line, sometimes it does irritate my eyes but it's sort of nice as they fill up with water (though it's stinging so not suitable for long term) other times is fine and brings the blepth down a bit (though my blepth is only really bad during winter) oconut oil is known for its contamination issues too so it's good your keeping the spoon clean. I'm about to start using some different oils to see what works for me better. I think avoiding shrubs is one thousands times the most important thing to to do. It doesn't work and there is evidence now it effects the tbut negatively.
                    People have recovered, so can we.


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                      ،i use cocounut oil but my eye irriate.i have allregy too


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                        Much appreciated Cath! I had attempted this previously, yet just by utilizing them as drops (one drop legitimately in each eye which didn't generally give a lot of help), however subsequent to understanding this, I chose to attempt it again the previous evening, following your strategy for application.