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Hey folks, I don't think "food" belongs in the eyes.

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  • Hey folks, I don't think "food" belongs in the eyes.

    I'm pretty sure food-grade coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E, and honey, do not belong in the eyes. Serious infections can happen that way. What kinds of naturopaths are members on this forum using who recommend this? Please, please talk to your doctors about this. I am all about "natural" but additional bacteria in an already unbalanced dry eye is nothing to play with. It keeps coming up, and sorry to sound condescending, but I think some naturopaths are taking their clients for a very expensive ride.

    If there is a such thing as "sterile" honey or oil, maybe. But I have never ever heard of such. I would hate for a beginning suffer to peruse this forum, see some anecdotal advice on putting olive oil on their lids, and then end up with a nasty infection.