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Forget the rest and try coconut oil

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  • Forget the rest and try coconut oil

    Virgin Coconut Oil (VGO) it contains anti fungal, antimicrobial and antibiotic properties and is anti is a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) 'the good oil' tastes great in coffee as a substitute for coffee creamer, in smoothies or in anything if you like the taste...and it feels soooooo good you can use it to replace just about every personal body care product, hair conditioner, moisturizers, personal lubricant (the best) and my very favorite which I use for my eyelid hygiene...when I first discovered I had MGD I had a thickened lid margin tangled eyelashes stuck to my cheeks and across the bridge of my nose and a very uneven texture of the skin on my face from many years of meibom secretion and the keratin it was more like concreation which had a melting point of about 45C as was virtually impossible to clean...I tried everything including 50/50 methanol and water yeow....I was looking for a surfactant that would clean the meibom from my eyes without causing harm or pain and that's when I found VCO...I heated it in an aromatherapy burner so it would help melt away the super glue like meibom around my eyes and it works a beats hands down anything on the market for lid hygiene and it's sooooooo soooooothing doesn't matter if it gets in the eye it's feels right and doesn't even blur your vision...there has been a study done on VCO vs artificial tears check out this link and please try it...VCO has saved me..also check out my post 'A remedy an oldie but a goodie' I've just posted an update...

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    So many oils have been suggested. I tried pharmaceutical grade organic Caster Oil and developed a Blepheritis flare up with serious lid scabs right in middle of my efforts to experiment. I have tried Virgin Coconut oil with no improvements at all.

    I fear the oils are may actually be further clogging he Malbomian glands unless ou're talking about putting drops of the oil directly into the eye but I use Restatis MGD drops, disposable bandage contact lenses changed every 4 hours and then Lacriserts for overnight. Otherwise I'm awake all night adding preservative free MGD drops.

    I have a religious lid cleaning regime, and am in the middle of trying a creme for Rosacea because my doctor's newest theory is that I have Ocular Rosacea. That prescription alone is over $250 a month, and the Lacreserts are a fortune. Last year my medical out of pocket costs for prescriptions and OTC's related to dry eye was over $7,000 out of pocket and after insurance. It never ends and after each flare up of my lids are addressed with antibiotics and steroids on the lids, even with my heating and cleaning rituals, the scabs and reddening of my lids come right back.

    Frankly, for people with my level of dry eye problems, these oil suggestions are just useless - no offense meant - just being factual. I am happy if a simple thing like coconut oil or other home remedies actually work for people but even the $275 a tube Rosacea creme isn't working.


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        Would that work as a replacement artificial tears/ointments too?


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          Max - Have you considered MG Probing? I had that procedure almost two years ago and my maibomian glands are still clear. It really changed my life. It's hard to find a doctor who does it. I live in Connecticut and my doctor is in Boston, so it's not a big deal. Let me know if you have any questions. -mahniah


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            are you using this on your eye lids? interesting. i use this often as recommended by my doctor for as a natural solution to weaken viruses (EBV/LYME), you can even use it to cook with instead of your regular oil.ive not used it on my eyelids before however im pretty sure i found a youtube video some time ago about a young girl who had good sucess with it helping her blepth and that stayed in my memory.
            People have recovered, so can we.


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              i just went and found it, its on youtube under the title - How I Cured My Itchy/Dry Eyelids (Blepharitis) if you do a quick search

              or if you have twitter i jusst linked it to my page :
              People have recovered, so can we.


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                video is gone...


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                  Hi Max
                  Hope your eyes are better now. What lid cleanser do you use?
                  Such issue is really important so we can prevent inflammation or put it better under control.
                  I am a firm believer of prevention is better than cure.

                  Ocular Rosacea: good to have 2nd opinion.

                  Virgin coconut oil: I tried it too but later my dr told me keep anything 1cm distance from eyes.


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                    Just found this article. from Christine W. Sindt, OD, FAAO:
                    ''I start patients on coconut oil lid scrubs to remove any scurf, as opposed to hot, wet compresses that increase evaporation off the skin and
                    have poor compliance because they are uncomfortable.
                    My patients apply coconut oil, wait 15 to 20 minutes, and then wipe it off with a dry washcloth
                    Finally, they use Avenova lid cleanser as directed to reduce bioload.''

                    more details - What medications and supplements do you prescribe for your patients with MGD?

                    So this doctor recommends to apply coconut oil on eye (lashes & lids?) for 15-20 minutes instead of warm/wet compress.
                    Interesting! Has anyone tried this? Tthanks!